When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

I’m going to leave “Hello World” as my first post

I mean while the body may not say shit, isn’t that what a first post really is? I mean yes I tend to be a little wittier then “hello this is my first post” but MEH why get all down and dirty with it for the first post. It took me well over 6 months to get my blogspot over 20 posts and I completely abandoned multiply so it’s not like I’m going to be captain blogger over here either. So for now why not leave the cheap first post, hell I commend them on being nice enough to get newbies started.


Man this thing even has a word count on it, okay thats cool I mean I often wonder how many words I have chocked up in a blog and this one will tell me(granted with my finger speed it’s always gonna be WAAAY behind), but it will be nice to see it pop up every now and again. For those wondering (if the about section wasn’t enough for you) what I will be blogging about in the future hell I don’t know. My last blog has all kinds of indications of how random I can be. I’m just random over there without cursing here I will say whatever the fuck I want. Feels good I think I’ve been jumping on people more on a few of my friends blogs because I have been so nice on mine, plus I don’t get much interaction on the Ponderings so whether it’s pent up steam or just the nature of the discussions we are having I’m sure some find me quite abrassive, I won’t deny that I can and will get under your skin. I usually can be tactful too but I think I have been leaving my tact at home lately. Problem is being tactless is addictive man I do like giving it to some people.

I’ll have to test the mail in feature for this blog later on if you check I think a good half of my current blogs since I started that come out that way. I’m on the road a lot with no laptop(for now) and since I got burned with an under $500 laptop last time just to “have something” this time whatever laptop I get is going to be A) for a power user(since usually I am a damn power user I’m always on my laptop) and B) exactly a brand I know and trust. I’m a longevity guy if I buy something I weighed it’s price versus how long I expected to get use out of it. The more I use you, the more valuable you are, the desktop I am typing on now I have had for going on 6 years. It’s covered it’s purchase price in spades I’ve done a lot with this PC so the manufacturer already has me as a repeat costumer.

Hmm I’m starting to like the “recommended links” feature let me give it a test drive in future blogs to really see how it handles it’s business. I mean with the movie review blogs I do it might come in handy especially when the new Transformers comes out, or Sucker Punch, or Tron:legacy or who knows what else.


Anyway 500+ words for an introduction is probably a lot more then most folks are expecting so I will cut this real introduction introduction off here


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