When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Guinea pig for my wordpress mail in

This is just to see how easy(or hard) its going to be to e-mail in my wordpress blogs, I think I’ll use wordpress as my full on “muffuka I know you ain playin with my emotions” blog. I may post some pictures, I will be cursing folks out and I’ll possibly release my horny day dreams all for your reading pleasure.

I’m sure some of you read the about me section and though I had lost my mind. Or the second blog and thought me either unbalanced or cheesy(bleu or pepperjack not cheddar baby) and yeah I can see that. I’m your everyday person:opinionated, cranky, overworked, over extended and just trying to figure out how to get to my end game. All while passing out commentary of what I run into on a daily or else whatever fancy crosses my mind.

Now I don’t know if wordpress is going to draft this one or automatically post it so once I hit send that’s it I’ll have to check on it later. But I USUALLY let these mail in blogs sit in draft so that I can come back later and do any editing(I say this but after going through and reading a few previous blogs I tend to just add in links), link addition, picture placement or retitling.

Sometimes I make dramatic(or cheesy) post names others just straight forward. I have done 4 straight weeks of movie reviews so I’m proud of me(that of course would be on blogspot) of course doing that means one “subject” of potential blogging material is off limits right, wrong. Sometimes you want to get more graphic with a review, blogspot is my curse free blog so if I wanna get down and dirty I may bring it here.

Wow went a few paragraphs without a bitch, fuck, or ass blogspot has made me a better blogger. Anyway guinea over let’s see how this bad boy works


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