When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

To my fellow Black Ops players:

Enough with the fucking cord yanking already. You win some you lose some, just take ya kills and deaths and go about ya damn day. Nobody gives a shit play the damn match out see if you win or lose. Shit if you lose come back better next match, its a game.

All this crybaby ass, *sniff sniff* “he shot me too many times and its not fair he must be cheating, I’m way better than him” bullshit. Everybody has a bad game everybody has people who are better than them, deal. Flushing full matches because you might lose is bullshit. Pussy ass muffukas its a game, a video game yes its cool but not if you act like a little bitch and flush the match everytime your kill/death ratio gets fucked, or if you aren’t mercin the other team by 3000 points.

I don’t care if you ain about to get 50 kills play the game out. I love playing online but that punk as bullshit kills me 3 straight dominations cancelled out because somebody didn’t want to lose. Really and now a match of team death match shit the fuckin score was close. I don’t understand if you are so super awesome then play.

Fuck it let’s see what happens through the rest of the night.


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