When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Dreary, gloomy, rainy fall day

I’m just sitting outside after a battery pull and this is what I see outside my door. The rain isn’t coming down as hard as it was earlier so its kind of making the trees look teary, and the skys bland and desolate a blank gray slate.

Days like this it seems like the world has taken a huge bottle of “Fuckitall” and is chuckin us the deuces til tomorrow. Its not overly cold(high 50′ low 60’s), its a monday so its not like people were in some “yay today is gonna be an awesome day” mood. The weekend is never long enough and a holiday weekend is even worse. You get more time to get used to the feeling of your warm bed and soft pillow and then here comes “Monday” wit its ol hatin ass. I mean I’m sure Monday wants to tell us to get off its ass. Its who it is, its not Monday’s fault we made it the start to our week, that everything begins with monday shit I’m sure it slaps thursday and friday in the head every chance it gets.

Thursday sometimes gets to be friday, the last work day of the week. Folks just out chillin, enjoying family, friends, lovers. And friday, that lazy fucker

like everybody else the second it gets past like 3 o’clock friday is rushing to get out the door too to start the weekend. Always hanging out with saturday and sunday. By the time friday gets done with sunday its all worn out and business like, it doesn’t have a smile or a kind word for poor Monday its just pure worn the fuck out.

But hey, you are who you are so Monday must live out its lot in life. Me I’m having equipment issues I swear computers are more temperamental than 2 year olds. Always complaining making mountains out of dust mites. The second it feels you might want to get done quickly its got “the list”. What’s the list? Its a list of shit that will probably be wrong with it, slowly it down or freezing it up that you will have to figure out.

Oh well shit happens, scans running day mostly over just gotta leg it out



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