When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Hi wordpress blog that I have been neglecting for no good reason

Hi, how ya been. Now yeah its only been a few days but if one looks at blogs spot its been at least to a day since I started this blog.

Which is funny that blog used to be my redheaded stepchild. I would run off at the mouth everywhere else but not there. Anyway just really didn’t have much to say and I hate using one blog as another blogs “used condom basin”(ie just do nothing but reposts) but I’m still here, I haven’t forgotten about this place.

Like I said before it takes me a minute to warm up to a new blog. As we all now its about content and if I don’t have a thought in mind no content and with two(really like 4) blogs I need a few different thoughts for topics. Plus well yall rarely get back to me. You holla back ideas will flow longer and faster, you just play looky loo and my fingers do the walkin all their own if they feel like it.

Anyway still around so if you have been reading thanks drop me a line sometimes, I won’t bite(unless your a woman with a big, round, thick ass but see I’m warning you so I can’t be blamed)


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