When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Hey long time no see

Anybody over here. I mean I know I’ve only done like 8 posts over here and how does one garner a following with 8 posts hell I have triple digits on blogspot and I don’t have a large following. That takes time and interaction, hell places I do have a lot of interaction I’m rarely at and even then most folks don’t follow my page I’m just a friend of a friend.

But it never pays to be grouchy, I may be an acquired taste but once acquired I can be quite agreeable(or annoying what can I say I’m an original, original what now that’s the right question). Hope all is well I’m hitting the movies tomorrow and if they are cuss worthy due to say the director, producers or both having their head up their asses, I’ll do the review here.

It will either be voyage of the dawn treader or tangled. It’ll probably be the narnia installment though as I loved the books. Aiight talk to ya later WP fam


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