When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Guerilla style from the passenger seat

Aiight we riding down the road heading to Corinth, Ms so I’ll have plenty of time to tweet, blog and goof off. So I’ll be running my mouth if ya see me on twitter speak up. Again questions, queries, postulations if I can answer them I will.

You wanna tell me I’m crazy and need to go somewhere with myself come on. There’s a long list of folks who have already done that a few times before you, I never listen but I will respond. Hey I set up my e-mail alerts so seriously I really will respond, just spell the name right. And as long as I have a signal I will tweet back too, no promises because I always have signal issues in deepest darkest mississippi.

If I have signal I’ll respond just speak up. Aiight let’s bed this muffuka and see what fuckery abounds today


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