When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Thoughts from the porcelain throne

If you google me but don’t like what you see

Remember YOU googled ME and I like who I be

I may open the door for a few dollars more

But I reserve control of the edit
And I hope that you get it

This is childish prose and barely worthy of attention

But this is my blog I feel required to mention

Somedays I’m like this:silly, whimsical and reflective

Which I would think a welcome change to my more somber electives

Every once in a while I happen to smile like the first rays of the sun when the heavy rains are done

If you don’t like it, well there’s the door, if you interested hang around for the tour. Perfections while striven for is rare to obtain my life like every other veers towards the mundane.

My insanity’s is my own but you’re completely welcome to visit

I mean I know you wouldn’t want to stay that’s crazy, ….. or is it?


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