When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

A slight detour

Usually as soon as the movie is over I do a blog about the trailers, which is forthcomming on blogspot, for now I’m gonna do a quick one about THIS evenings movie going experience.

There were some loud ass kids in the audience, I say kids but they were teenagers. I’m guessing today was one of the few times they could get out and to top it off narnia must have been on the top of the “send you kids to see it nothing dangerous or subversive here” movie list. I get it its saturday night and you’re getting a chance to act grown even though you ain. But why fuck up everyone else movie experience

Well not mine, oldest of four, lots of younger cousins tuning people out is a life skill. The young ladies especially though were getting their “mama ain here to say baby hush the hell up” money’s worth. Aah the simple joys of you I got shorted one trailer and the thor trailer didn’t play all the way through I’ll do my best. To that blog I go


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