When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

The inner workings

Ladies and gentleman while I have been lax with this blogging thing lately, I realized I can make good use of my no holds barred blog to go ahead and give people insight into one of the main public faces people see:the flirt.

I love pussy, the taste, the feel, the way it reacts to my tongue, the way it softly caresses my dick. Damn just the thought of it gets my blood flowing. I also love ass, and if its fat and black or caramel you better watch out cause I’m coming in for a bite. I said bite muffuka not a nibble think a shark about to take down a seal. I’m sure many who see me in other places say facebook, myspace, and sometimes on twitter will see my enthusiasm for gaming, debate, and movies. Every once in a while the horn dog will come out, not all the time though. I mean, its my dick and it has standards I may be intrigued by a pretty face, but there are plenty out there. Fat asses, thick thighs, and pretty titties too so that isn’t all it takes to close the deal with me.

What’s going on between ya ears? Whether its something freaky or mundane can you hold a conversation. If I disagree with you can you hold your ground or will you adopt my stance. Will you open up, allow me to see you and not just the mask you wear. Many people have no clue who they are dealing with because they accept the mask as all there is. Fuck a mask I need to see who you are good or bad. I want to see the woman behind the curtain.

And don’t be able to hide it, be able to handle the wordplay. I mean some women may be a beast in bed but have no imagination about it. Even if we can’t pull it off what are your fantasies, you can be Ms. Prim and proper for the peanut gallery I wanna delve into your secret place. Who are you when the lights go out or the curtains close, what would it be like to have your thighs wrapped around my ears as I torture your clit and tease your labia with my lips. Curl up my tongue and use it as a mini dick to fuck you. Some people don’t understand, its nice to be reserved and the person who people respect but once that’s done they like fucking too. Frigid people are only that way because they have no one to trust deeply enough to let go of that hard exterior.

Me, I can go from grouchy to flirtatious in a second. I know its off putting, for some its completely discombobulating see the calm man I am on the surface to then see the real me underneath. I’m a water sign, surface calm is just that on the surface underneath there is beauty, chaos, untold depth, and deceptive shallows. A beautiful ballet and battles to the death. As for my mind, I know every other word out my mouth isn’t “can I get that number shawty” or “when ya gonna let me dig that pussy out” doesn’t mean I haven’t bent ya ass over, perched you on my face, or tried to mentally fuck you into submission just means I have enough good sense to wait until I figure out if your the type of person I would flirt with, could flirt with and could handle the adult interaction.

Because flirtation is definitely adult interaction, whether we just tenderly dance around subtitles, haiku’s about your eyes and lips, sonnets about the way walk, ballads about the way you light up the room. Or we decide to take it there verbally undressing and fucking each other, a porno on the phone, social interaction site, im box, or webcam screen. Trading naughty photos and videos, making you wet while you make me hard, offering you the chance to wrap your hands around my girth and let you handle ya bidness, spread ya legs and count how many licks until my chin is drench. Slip my tongue lower and see how naughty a girl you really are. Are you a screamer, a moaner, a lip biter, a sheet scruncher, an arm waver, a shit talker or like me silent and concentrating on the task at hand making sure we both see fireworks.

I will admit to being SLIGHTLY calmer now, I’m not stirring my fingers in pussy during train rides, or licking necks on the bus, dragging my lady into the bathroom to get that quick bent over the sink nut at restaurants. Sneaking off to test out the seats of the car, the head board at the hotel, the bench at the park. Seeing how much sand gets up my ass on the beach, aaaaah memories I’m about to get myself in trouble rolling down memory lane, as introverted as my personality seems I’m really an extrovert, if I’m comfortable with the surroundings you’d be surprised how much of the real me comes out. I don’t mind letting my hair down, I just recognize you can’t do it around everyone. Some people live to judge or criticize, some to ridicule, some live to cling.

I live to experience, life is awesome I didn’t always respect that but I do now. Every moment I’m not enjoying or moving towards enjoyment is a wasted moment I can’t get back. Yeah yeah capricorn:moody, stubborn, calculating, stuffy I know what I am, thing is since I’m so complex think of how wild those swings most be. Imagine what must be bottled up trying to get out, think of the darknesses I must be trying to escape. Just saying the ride can be terrible or outstanding.

This is not to say I’ve don’t it all, I’ve never been a part of the mile high club, never tested my motion ON the ocean, I’ve never successfully penetrated a womans anus(ain even remotely interested in trying a mans), never done a standing 69, never been a part of an orgy, a foursome, never been to a lifestyle party, haven’t been tied up(yet), or blindfolded, haven’t sat and watched live as two women got down in front of me.

I still have a lot left to physically do on my sexual bucket list, but mentally, if I’m interested in it then I’ve done it to someone, maybe even some reading this. You can call me a perv: you’d be right, a freak: card carrying, I’m far from prudish I’m just extremely selectective. Call it being a part of sexual generation aids, HIV hit the radar right as I started to hit puberty and as I’ve said before “I love pussy with a passion, both balls, my dick and tongue but I love breathing way more” I’m sure I’ve been inappropriate a few times, I am who I am and you are welcome to get off at anytime. I won’t get mad I’ll completely understand, head me off at any time and I will respect the line(mostly, I’m me so I always edge the line).

Aiight, let me bed this bitch you got questions ask, comments leave them below, suggestions let’s hear them. I ain scared


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