When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Been trying to come by

But its not really safe to blog and drive. I’ve been behind the wheel a lot this week so I haven’t really blogged since Monday. If you follow my twitter you’ve seen my foursquare updates, I’ve gotten around. I’ve been to aberdeen and west point MS as well as Marianna AR.

5 hour energies are like a diet staple now, even days when I get sleep somedays I need that extra kick. I know a curse free blog on my free will site, no real need for them right now. I’m just making use of my android wordpress app, love this app Blogger/blogspot needs to get one of these its the bomb.  I’m still no pub on these pages, though ponderings has gotten a few hits this week following my “I am number 4” review. I’m trying to get feedback to see if people want more or less info about the movies, I try not to give out spoilers(or like my “skyline” blog critique the ending too much at least for the first week or two) but it’d be nice to know what enjoy or hate about a given blog.

I think some of my friends are afraid to piss me off, google analytics may not be perfect but it does show who’s dropping by. So when I see familiar cities or blog links I’m like cool your readin, but er umm what do you think. I don’t even mind disagreements, some may say as a capricorn I relish them(a couple blogs about being a capricorn on ponderings too) and I do relish good discussion so again if ya stop by drop a comment, we can chit chat. I don’t care how old the subject matter.

Okay I’ve stopped by, hopefully more blogs to come


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