When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

I’m shocked I tell you SHOCKED

How is it 3 days after I knicked myself some folks are still coming by and reading about me shaving my balls. And not only are you reading but you ain saying anything, come on now.

Laugh at me

Console me

Scold me for being so brazen that I thought I was Mr. awesome with the clippers and didn’t have to worry.

Don’t just read and run thats lame as hell, I wanna laugh, I wanna cry, I wanna be more than just the joke I want to be in on the joke too. Actually I take it back I wanna hear your “I nicked whatever embarrassing part of my body” story too. Cause I know you, if you have come 3 days in a row to read that means I’m “struck” a nerve(no painful pun intended), so whats poppin out there in word press land. Did you nick your clit? A ball? Did the shaft get a second circumcision(actually have a story about that too, but it wasn’t from shaving. What I always have to nick the juevos, nobody is constantly that clumsy)? Speak up lets all laugh together.


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