When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

More tales of the lazy blogger

I could do this on blogger but then it would seem like a cheap attempt to get another viewing pop just for a simple update blog. But for the first time ever I have 1 visit a day on my blogger blog, yes (okay technically it’s called blogspot now but come on) it is awesome for the last 31 day period 31 people have come by. Now no people didn’t come by everyday but enough came by within said 30 days for my visitor average to be 1.

This is cool, I can’t wait til I hit like 3 a day as an average. I have a blog sitting on my android for this site(hmm and still haven’t done the blog about my backflip or my bold so still gotta do those) that I need to go ahead and finish up. As for my stats here for the past week they have been nice too so thanks for visiting. Feel free to comment, and I will finish that other blog soon, tonight MIGHT be a movie night, not sure yet.


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