When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

New Blog series I’m planning

In a sense I’m cheating because I’m gonna start taking the pics next week after I’ve had a full week of actually doing consistent work outs. My plan:keep a photo blog of my attempt to reach my high school weight of 245 lbs. I mean honestly it ain much and yes I know weight isn’t as important inches, and I’m trying to lose between 6-8 inches off my waist too. I’m 285~ for a while now which is already decent progress from my 300 lb days not too long ago, and I never had a definitive weight while I was 300+ but as my clothes are way looser and my face noticeably slimmer I’m just saying.

Now where is this blog gonna be no clue, I’m gonna figure that out later(as is this blog has been “on the shelf” for like two weeks now) enjoy my journey as I try to catch up


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