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Thoughts from the Shadow on a leisurely stroll

Do you know how hard it is to take a shadow's picture

As I returned my red box movies last night and then walked to the bank I realized how much I missed my weekly walks to the movies. I mean yes it was my choice to say “fuck it, its too damn cold”, and while not as dilligently as before I am stretching those resistance bands. I’m hovering between 265-278(my scale is on crack, it gives these wide swing ranges but I know my waist is way smaller) so that’s progress, problem is as I haven’t been hittin the cardio like I need to the arms are tighter, the legs are slimming down, and as mentioned the waist is smaller but the beer gut is outta control.

So basically where my midsection hits my hips that is shrinking. But the love handles and the stomach still here for now, the walk tended to help reduce that. I’m finding myself trying to make sure I get my calories, because I want to lose mass and unburned fat not lose muscle. That’s the funny thing about anorexia all it means is that your body is eating your muscles and organs for nutrients instead of burning the fat you have stored around your body.

When I was younger it wasn’t as hard, I walked every damn where and would stop off and get a snack. I was burning so many calories junk food here or there didn’t hurt, it was burned by the time I reached my destination. Now somedays its a struggle I get busy, I get tired yes I have a few extra pounds that I can spare but you have to eat or else your body cannibalizes your muscles for nutrients.

Anyway posting this one still haven’t posted the one before it


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