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Code 423 blog down blog down pimp in distress

Grrrr for some fuckin reason Blogger/blogspot is down. It went down sometime Thursday night and has yety to come back up. That means no new posting, no editing, no internal stat monitoring, no picture resizing naaa-aaa-aah not shit(yes this is an Orlando JonesDouble Take” impression from the “Schlitz Malt Liquor” scene, Freddie Tiffany ladies and gentleman) . So what this means is until fixed I guess I will be blogging here.

Good for the under used wordpress blog(especially since I’ve had a few ideas I wanted to post here anyway), bad news for my just starting to get some steady traffic blogger posts. And its summer movie season too, I mean “Priest” opens tonight, I was planning to blog about that. Granted just the trailers tonight, the actual review is always posted two days later(to see my previous reviews here and trailers here). And if I don’t make it tonight same thing when I do. Its funny im doing my reviews on blogger since some of the movies I have review are rated strong than that blogs “PG-13″(self imposed) rating. So certain words or phrases are off limits “ass kickery”, “Dumb as fuck”, “fuckin hilarious”, “crazy as shit”, and “fuckin awesome”.

But I think I’ve done pretty good, need to be more mindful of my editing but hey, I never claimed perfection. Unlike other fellow bloggers blogging was less of a “hobby/endeavor” and more of a just “release all you caged thoughts to clear the mental clutter” thing. So while I didn’t curse, content creation wasn’t as big a concern upfront. Yes, there were some interesting gems created randomly, but it was just that random. I was letting my fingers do the walking and whatever was created was created, good, bad, silly, illegible, or outstanding.

As at first I wasn’t linking it to anything every hit I got was organic, my title, some of the content, shit a picture caught your eye and you came by and experienced my site. And I was ecstatic (why did I think extatic was spelled with an X extasy too, hmm) because you found me all by yourself. You dug through the shadows and said “what the fuck” and possibly even dropped a comment or two. Unlike yahoo 360 or Multiply where the post of a “friends friend” would hit your list blogger and wordpress you have to earn your eyes more independently. You have to give people a general reason to come back.

Again when I was just spewing mental diarrhea I didn’t really care, and while there is still some of that to be spilled there I want feed back now. Followers would also be nice, but I want to know if others have thought of shit that made me “ponder“. Now yes since I have started putting my blog out there(technically this one is still “secret” its listed on the blogger/blogspot blog but not networked as of yet) I am getting visits from people I know, but I also have a lot of international hits, which is also cool. Just love all around really now as far as dedicated viewers are concerned hey been like a month since I started giving any blog serious “pub” followings take time to build. Plus im still rebellious, you may get me blogging everday for 30 days but dammit it won’t be because of some challenge(at least not yet, I don’t even want to attempt to chain the horses for one of those I’m scared I’ll sound scripted blech). Granted thanks to blogger being down my current March streak is in jeopardy, can’t blog if you can’t post to it. Think I already had at least 15 posts for the month, which is a nice clip, I’ve already surpassed the post count for both the first year and the pace of 2010 where I belted out low triple digits(170~ I think, which was cool considering I did maybe 30 posts tops by july) so I’m proud of my growth as a digital entity, I guess the next step is to redesign the site(again) and buy the name, or A name “primal’s ponderings” is a little long, and somebody already uses “Primaldata” as a site name so I can’t (boo hiss) and while I’ve had the name going on 2 decades now the original birthplace of the name is long since defunct (I stopped using AOL in like 01-02 when I first got broadband, and my first “hotmail” account used a different moniker) so while I COULD argue name jackin my name is also kinda like Common’s or Common Sense as he used to be called. My name can mean something else “primal” “data” can also mean” basic information”(I actually used that as a TJMS handle when I was at work to try and keep under the radar a little when using company bandwith well Basic Info) so you could be looking for some raw data or something and not me(hmm just checked and now neither PD.com, nor PD.net can be found yay).

Okay this is becoming a book, bedding this and checking on my blogger and thanks for stopping by


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