When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Early Arrival

A symbolic representation of Cunnilingus.

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Its been a long time since they had all congregated together and it was hopefully going to be a fun night. He had arrived earlier than expected and decided to pay an old friend a visit, knowing a few of the others were supposed to meet at her hotel room anyway. He expected to melt into the shadows as usual because of course she would be surrounded by her girls and testosterone would just ruin the flow.

He knocks lightly on the door and the slightly surprised but pleased look in her eye told him he was there first. She was still getting ready, so she invited him in and continued their flirtatious banter that had been going on for years, “oh you ‘popped’ up early hoping to see something huh”, with a smirk he replied “you show up early to see everything not something, love the dress”. It seems she had forgotten his earlier warning, if he ever caught her in a dress alone it was time for dessert almost as if  fate she had closed her eyes to apply her eye make up and wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

“Wait, what are you doing”, her lip trembling as he lightly traced his fingertips up the backs of her thighs raising the dress up to her panties. The hungry looking eyes said it all but she seemed to think that a little more talk might save her from the tongue lashing she had been begging for, “s-s-stop playing you see me trying to get ready”, “I’m not touching your hands, your face, or your make up. You can keep doing what you’re doing I will entertain myself” he said. Pushing her slightly forward he slid her panties down to expose her chocolate ass and pussy. The innocent look in her eyes as the smell of her arousal touched his nose told him that while he could stop and just be called a tease for the rest of the night, that if he put his mouth where his “money” was she wouldn’t stop him. Spreading her ass cheeks apart and lightly licking at the little piece of skin between ass and pussy she gasps. He wouldn’t would he, she didn’t have time to shower, she would smell like sex, how could she face her friends and there it was that frightened look of prey about to be devoured. He traced his tongued along the lips of her pussy and she began to shiver. Yes this would be a delicious meal,  lightly tugging at her lips while keeping her ass cheeks spread with his fingers.

His nose was tickling her ass as he dove his tongue into her wetness, he could touch her clit with his tongue but could not pay it the attention he desired and so spun her around and sat her on the bathroom counter. The look of surprised desire in her eyes told him that he’d better keep going, pushing her dress back out of the way he wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked while occasionally flicking it with his tongue. She was moaning now, her hands rubbing over his head as he continued his oral devotion to her sex. He could feel her wetness seaping out around his chin and  decided to drink from her honey pot again. His goatee told a tale of greed and gluttony, chin drenched as she began to slide down against the mirror surrendering to the tongue taking her to ecstasy.

Her legs on his shoulders he decides to push them back, when she didn’t stop him he begins to gently tease her puckered offering to test for signs of rejection. A naughty giggle, he probes more she responds by raising her ass up higher. He  teases her pussy with his finger tips inserting one and then two fingers to pump in and out. His tongue is still playfully exploring her anus making her squirm and twist the forbidden pleasure causing her to ride a wave of emotions listing from excitement, to embarassment, and back. Now she’s pulling his head in tighter she’s close to exploding so he rubs a thumb against her clit. For all her shyness her orgasm makes her say words that would make a sailor blush.

He lightly strokes her clit as she begins to come down and as she looks in his eyes her disbelief returns, this was just the beginning. He runs his hands up to tweak her chocolate nipples as  again he licks and sucks on her pussy. She attempts to close her legs because she was not ready for the renewed assault, oral pleasure again so soon who does that? Who goes in on the pussy like it’s baskin robbins and they have a “you eat free all day coupon”. She begins biting her lip pleading for mercy “wait, slow down, let me catch my breath” as if in response to her pleas there is a knock at her door.

He smirks, “saved by the ‘bell’ this time, but I’m not done with you yet”  stuffing her panties in his pocket and he swats her on the ass as she goes to the door. There is a bounce in her step as well as a naughty sway to her walk.  Washing his face as not to give away his impromptu taboo treat. As her girls file in he falls into the shadows as originally expected and plots on how  he could continue his delicious meal.


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