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hello fellow wordpressers I’m here, mostly here lol. As any who have come by this page and checked the “links”(hell I don’t even remember how the fuck I titled that, gratuitous colorful metaphor yes but I’ve been pounding them out on blogspot lately and I needed one) you may have noticed that my blogspot site is getting content like gang busters.

Yes yes it’s true I have been posting away there with various reviews, trailers notices and as well as some mental drivel just to get it out of my head. That does not mean that I have been neglecting my wordpress blog, no actually I am working on an erotic tale except. Well This will be my first attempt at writing an erotic tale, don’t ask me WHAT convinced me to try it, especially knowing how much I already had on my plate. But part one(or at least the first half of this part, I may leave it where it is and make the next one part two) is mostly finished, I’m getting some feedback from trusted friends because well my grammar sucks(as shown by this run on everything), as does my spelling and my tenses. Hell the characters don’t even have names yet, mainly because looking at my many Facebook friends I have noticed that “Damn I have friends with almost every name imaginable”, which means I should be careful just in case somebody doesn’t see having their name in an erotic story as being flattering but as being invasive. The last thing I want to do is make a friend uncomfortable(granted I can avoid a lot of that by the fact that I haven’t networked blogged this one yet so unless you actually read the links in my info you won’t find it without asking me).

I’m thinking of going to a “baby name” site and finding my names that way, yes that is probably depraved since that is not what the site was intended for BUT technically I am giving birth to said characters and eventually most children will grow to be adults and have some intercourse of some nature so I’m just accelerating the process slightly. Hmm no didn’t sound any better when I put it that way huh, well shit I don’t have a better idea how to clean that idea up. I mean it’s a damn good idea and I’m sure other writers MAY have used it, if not well good for fucking you, it’s hard enough coming up with the damn story without having to invent fucking names too. Okay maybe this was a little much for a “Quick press” let me post it and then edit it in the normal editor.(I’m in the normal editor now) So yeah I think it will help me move the story along if I get some names from a baby name generator, nothing cheesy like bubbles, baby, Barbie no no they are going to be having sex but I want it to be a story you could put yourself in save the fact that you know, it isn’t your name. Hell treat it like your club name, oh give me a break I know you don’t expect me to believe your virginal ass has no idea what a “club name” is, look don’t make me find good friends of yours for a free shot or two the beans will be spilled.

Dammit did I get off topic? I think I got off topic anyway yes I am thinking about my wordpress blog and yes I am out here trying to post shit worthy of my more free-spirited blog. Shit’s hard out here for a blogger though trying to create content for two sites. Oh and another thing what is it with these scammy muffukas who send you links or come to your link from sites with dubious intentions. I’m not gonna say you’re a scam or spam but ummmm wtf anytime it says “Get rich quick” or “Make money with little or no effort” my warning signs go off and I completely tune you out. Fuck that I’d love some extra dough in my pocket but not that way, and I damn sure don’t want to be scammed out of my hard-earned money. Another thing PEOPLE please protect your IM accounts, I’m serious the amount of people I get Hacked messages from(or that I believe were hacked, hell you might really have gone all ding batty on me and send me some scam IM) is like WTF. I know times are hard but seriously just like those old “Carnival Barker” style snake oil salesman any get rich scheme whether it’s in person or online is still SNAKE OIL, the only person who is gonna get rich quick is the person you send you CC number too. I don’t give a fuck if you paid some schmuck to do a video or you took the time to create a “fake identity/multiple accounts” to come in and say nice things about yourself or your service, who do I look like Dooby Doo?

I’m not slow and if you clicked on said link to check out said product and you caught a virus ahem I’m not saying your ALWAYS slow, but for the however many minutes it required to sign up for that bullshit you were. Now I am all for taking advantage of an opportunity if it arises, I mean if you find some extra income doing something that doesn’t take you a lot of time, fine go ahead and make that money. But BIG money doesn’t come easy, either you are real lucky(like muffukin lottery lucky) or else you have to put some elbow grease in, hell even with elbow grease you aren’t guaranteed big money. SO please in the future if you get some random text, e-mail, blog comment, or post talking about some get money fast, easy money, no experienced necessary we need you(because right now they don’t need you they need some cheap bastard from overseas who will do you job for pennies on the dime, and hope that you take out a loan to buy their product) it’s probably bullshit. Times are hard, people are hurting and that is exactly what draws a snake oil salesman out of the wood works. Yes when things are going good you MIGHT have a friends, cousins, sisters, boyfriend who is into some pyramid, Ponzi, get rich quick/flipping scheme that is doing okay, but your common sense will kick in and tell you not to try it. But when times are hard and you are trying to figure out how to put that next meal on the table, Biiiitch you will believe an elephant can fly in hopes that you can take care of your own, put some food on the table for you S/O and kids, pay the light bill, mortgage car not. Because when you’re desperate you don’t want to believe you HAVE to believe, you have to get some money from somewhere. Been there, done that have been through a few shady seminars telling me how I could make lots of money if I was just this low peg person for this former low peg person and that money will be swimming in if I just work hard.

Yeah whatever, uh huh how did those telemarketing jobs that were big in the 80’s and 90’s turn out? Oh okay, there’s a reason they switched from traveling sales men to telemarketers cheaper to not spend the gas and the man hours for all the sales you WEREN’T making, 1 out of 15 in a big neighborhood or city ain bad until you exhaust that neighborhood, then when you have to move outside that neighborhood your costs increase, maybe it’s still 1 out of 15 or maybe it’s 1 out of 30 now. These ain your neighbors these folks may not know you as well, that means your starting from scratch yeah no easier to do a 2-5 minute phone call and see whats shakes than to actually drive out there like the old vacuum cleaner salesman. Damn this got wordy, anyway Don’t click dubious links and have a great week


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