When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Its called Bangkok not Bangcunt honey

The Hangover part II was inappropriate from the word go, the wolfpack is back Doug, Phil, Stu and Allen its another wedding and if anything can happen in Vegas you damn sure don’t want Bangkok to get you. Now from the moment the guys wake up in the stranger, seedy hotel room this movie turns into an homage to full frontal asian cock shots. Yup first we have to see Mr. Chow’s dick after Phil, Stu and Allen wake up. The first time you didn’t realize it but when he stands up butt ass naked there are no more questions. By the way who trains a monkey to snort coke and be inapropriate with penises, really you’re in bangkok 2 grand can make ya dreams come true.

Basically Doug misses out on the festivities(he MIRACULOUSLY gets saved by his wife before they go all drug coma) unfortunately Lauren’s brother Teddie, the teen genius Stanford attendee(doogie howser anyone), does not and he’s short a finger because of it. The Wolfpack seems to have a thing for police cars last time they stole one, this time well “TOASTY”(MK reference). Also Stu’s love for whores and strippers seems not to care about race or gender, the title of this blog comes from the Ladyboy who fucked Stu in the ass. And yes more asian penis flopping around in the dressing room of the Ladyboy strip club.

The Hangover 2 is hilarious but it also seems to want to test your “OMG that’s sick” reflex, I’m happy we got to see a decent flashback of what happened “live” but really kids drinking alcohol, snorting coke, and paying strippers(transvestite strippers at that)? Huh? Where was that, basically when you get the flashback seen its through Allen’s eyes and well he sees them all as childhood friends. Lots of great surprises in this movie, and no he’s not on the roof this time.

While I wouldn’t mind inviting Allen to a party, I’d have him searched down first and interrogated before he was allowed to bring ANYTHING along. And moments where he’s allowed to talk would be minimized, cause his crazy ass. Oh and Mr. Chow is not allowed to drive me anywhere,  cause wow life as an international criminal OBVIOUSLY makes you believe your car can fly. The ladies are lovely as usual, just make sure you do a cup check, also seems to be something with him and calling them “Gay Bois”. You learn a little bit about the perils of doing coke, as well as some fun facts about Bangkok.

There is also a saying “I guess Bangkok has him” its a running theme when Teddy gets lost, also Stu’s new father in law is a bit of a dick(this movie seems to be an homage to asian penis) so most probably won’t like him too much. Like I said the movie is hilarious but it will make you watch your drinks and food to make sure you haven’t been Ruffied, coke selling monkeys, penis biting monkeys, kids running around on nights of debauchery you can’t go wrong with this movie(well maybe you could with all the asian penis flopping around, just act like you didn’t see it)

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  1. I think Black guys are the ones who have the longest penis. Asian men have shortest penis. However, it is different in how tall a man is. Some tall guys have short penis while short guys have long penis. Anyway, the penis size is not everything to get a woman satisfied. It is also about the girth as well. So, I think size does matter to some women.

    11/23/2013 at 10:50 AM

  2. I didn’t even see this comment, I mean this blog wasn’t really about penis size per se or even the length, girth or ability of penis. It just seemed to be the running joke in this movie, similar to Jim Carrie and the dildo to sink scene in “Me, Myself, and Irene” which was kinda of hilariously wrong in and of itself. But okay, I hear ya

    02/04/2016 at 2:49 PM

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