When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

tales of the procrastinating blogger

I’ve been busy and baking(not in the betty crocker or Gutter man sense, but in the damn it’s hot sense), so both my blogs have been suffering a little I mean there have been posts here and there, but never as many as there should have been. Over on blog spot my “X-men:First Class” blog is like 2 weeks over due and now my trailer blog for “Green Lantern” is tardy and after today my review on “Green Lantern” itself will be amiss.

Yes I need to get off my ass and just do it, so whats stopping me. I don’t know I am trying to get back to writing like I was hell may was a show stopper 50 posts in one month I hadn’t done that since November of last year. Then I get to June and *fizzle*, then again I’m at over 100 for the year on blogspot, so I shouldn’t be so worried about it. Everybody has periods where they fall off, shit I have over 5000 hits now(to some that is chump change, for me its like WHOOOOA MAMA) so I’m not feeling myself but I am feeling pretty fucking good. I know my focus is off, I have no excuse for it really which is why I am writing in an attempt to just have something come off my fingertips. Because if you can get writing sometimes it’s contagious you wrote something already so you will write again, the easiest way to break “writers block” isn’t to attempt to write your great novel just write something write.

Recount the tail of your day, talk about lunch, dinner, your vacation on alpha sentari that you’ve been planning forever. Thats actually why I do these quick presses sometimes. Just to see the words hit the screen before I attempt to tackle something new, will I go back later and edit some shit sure, but let me get typing. I have a friend who’s butt I always cyberly pop when she stops writing and yet look at me, I don’t even have the literary fortitude to join a 30 day challenge. SO I need to get my shit together and yes the other reason I am doing it here is so that I can curse freely before I do something non cursey.

Fuck it let me edit this one, go to my blogspot blog at least finish the trailer post, come back here work on Early Arrival part two(I actually have a few names I want to add in) and keep it moving mentally.

Thanks for reading and keep on stopping by


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