When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

The face of exhaustion



I guess because we got to the family reunion late as fuck sunday for leftovers(family tradition food left from saturdays events is served sunday) it was decided that I would barbecue again yesterday. No chicken, as that’s what I slaved over in 100 degree heat on saturday and didn’t get any of the spicier fair, just some burgers, hot dogs and Circle B  mini smoked sausage. While I have plenty of pictures from saturday, monday I just couldn’t keep pulling out the cameras. I was pooped.

All in all the reunion was pretty good, only made one event this year, but between work, my sister being in the hospital and a severe lack of good sleep one event is good.  I also ended up working Sunday and Monday so that added to my less than chipper demeanor. Saw a few imagefireworks driving to the movies on Monday night, granted you can read about the movie fiasco on blogspot, it’s one of those “make you go hmmmmm” moments but it was a fun holiday none the less. I need to start dedicating time for writing and sketching practice in the future dunno how but its a goal.

By the way any topic, thread, or post is open to discussion, debate or suggestion so speak up


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