When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

So I can kick out serious dough for a laptop but I got to steal an ipod mini/nano

To say I’m steaming is an understatement, I could probably do this on Blogger because you know I’m pissed, highly pissed but I could probably write this without a single cuss word, but you know what I’m thinking


Bitch the fact that we continue to provide you with tech support despite your shady ass ways, that you DARE to accuse me of theft. Motherfucker I don’t own ishit for a reason, I really don’t need it, would it be nice sure. I mean I guess I’m not a true tech snob until I own an isomething but right now if i want to listen to music I have my Blackberry with an 8gb Microsd card in it. I have yet to fill it up, so if I still have room for more music on my phone(and videos, pictures, ringtones, whatever the fuck I want) why would I steal an ipod, especially an ipod mini/nano they are under 200 bucks. I could go BUY ONE if I was so inclined to have one. Why steal yours, you know the one that belongs to your kids that has been on your desk in your office for a month. Shit I’m saying all the sudden a month LATER your kids are calling for it? You mean to tell me that for whatever reason they were being punished for it that TODAY, when I tell your ass hell the fuck no on some bullshit, they are calling you for it?

Have you forgotten I was around your ass all day? Did you forget that I heard who you were talking to? Ya kids ain call ya ass, I heard every phone call you got, you were discussing some 4 digit purchase ya wife was trying to make(and that was in front of the decimal point), making sure anything you cashed would pass through the bank. I ain mad at you for handling business, I am mad you think I don’t pay attention to my surroundings and that I will fall for that bullshit ass, “aaaaaw man, I’ve been got why don’t you give me that item I was asking you for earlier so I won’t snitch on you that you did something”, muffuka I grew up in Jersey, I know the muffukas who invented that bullshit. Thats a one time deal bitch, thats how those muffukas got caught, they would keep attempting to play the victim card against the same folks over and over again so that the person/business started keeping an eye on them. All the sudden when they attempted to get over, bam muffukas were waiting for them. You’ve played that “you guys steal from me” card already, so what makes you think I would EVER be loose with myself or my shit around you, oh I made you feel comfortable around me but I know a snake when I see one. I may have been over ruled the first time but bitch you already axed one tech, and honestly IF I decide some shit is a no go, there are times when Mr. Nice Guy puts his foot down, I’m the oldest even HE respects when I tell him not a motherfucking step further.

And the fact that you decide to pull the exact same trick, we robbed you, for some bullshit, some bullshit you can’t produce and ain even sure that anybody saw. I think I wouldn’t be as pissed if he didn’t tell me to “check my pockets”, check my pockets the fuck? I guess since he is used to dealing with people who NEED him he gets away with talking any old kind of way to a lot of people. Oh I showed him SOME of the items in my pocket after I already decided that once we got the “loaner” back from him, his account was closed. Then again, hey maybe I’m wrong and the boss decides this is one of those customers he just has to have. That’s fine, we’re out of techs we have two the guy who SUPPOSEDLY stole his 20 dollar iphone charging and transfer cable(which he claimed was 30 bucks), and me the guy who stole his” kids in the office for a month(which I’ve been there 3 times in the last month, guess what I ain seen?) ipod mini/nano”. So who’s gonna come fix your shit? Hell who from our company is gonna want to be accused next of robbing you for an item because we either don’t want to be a “straight up guy”(insert SUCKER) or don’t want to help you out(insert don’t want to give him some shit for free that he knows he should be paying for).

I mean I guess to some people the fact that it’s business completely escapes them until it’s warranty time. You know when something we sold them breaks, oh then its “hey I have a warranty” and “Nobody touched it, it’s a problem with your equipment”(ahem, muffuka you have a surveillance system we SEE YOU BITCH), it’s company policy(mainly because we’ve had this situation happen too many damn times) to check the last few moments of “tape” to see exacty when the system shut off and why. If we see you, a cousin, child, friend, associate whoever fucking with the system “YOU PAY ME”, and trust me if I walk out the door if you think it took me a long time to come back the first time with how busy I am, guess how long it will take if you have pissed us off? I don’t mind giving a deal to a good customer, but an asshole can and will get cut off. You must not like having a working camera system, money is nice but if it don’t make money then it don’t make sense. Rubber checks, constantly getting ducked when it’s time to pay, hearing the famous “aw come on why do I have to pay” line (usually cause you fuck it up or added all this extra special shit you just HAD TO HAVE). It’s business not personal, just like if I buy something I want I have to pay for it so do you. My shiny brand spanking new laptop that I am typing this post up on, yup I paid for it, CASH MONEY. Yes when they didn’t immediately have the one I wanted I joked with the guy about getting a more expensive one on the cheap but I was just waiting for him to tell me where the one I wanted was and away I went, I’ll take a deal if it’s available but if it’s not I will either find something else that I want or I will go to another venue to find what I want. It’s really that simple, I don’t try to scam people just because I want to be able to say “I got over” if I’ve earned a deal yes I want it, if I haven’t when I have earned it I will be glad to use it.

Thats enough on this rent suffice it to say, bitch ass is about to be cut off. Either by company policy or else by the fact that NO TECHS will show up at his site, I mean shit accusing me of theft is stupid I attempt to pay for shit until you tell me no it’s on the house. I don’t take a fucking thing for granted because I know how quickly sugar turns to shit.


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