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Anime moment

An anime stylized eye.

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Any who have visited Primal’s Ponderings will know that I am a huge anime fan, I’ve watched Star Blazers, G-force, Speed Racer, Akira, Ninja Scroll, Robotech, Dragon ball, Dragon Ball Z, Tenchi, etc, etc, I think I also shared a few on my old multiply blog. I love the fact that Anime tends to just tell the story and enjoy telling the story, there is no such thing as too deep a subject, or too silly, or wrong, you can have a show about a bad guy, a good guy, a ditz, life, death, good, evil, or just fighting. And everything has a human quality too it, even if it’s robots the robots have will, determination, fear and pride. Anime doesn’t water it down because it’s supposed to be for kids, lets be real ladies and gentleman if you grew up watching cartoons even as an adult you will enjoy them, not because you haven’t grown up but because you grew up with them. It’s like your favorite ice cream, do you ever out grow it? No, because it became your favorite, it has some pretty good memories tied to it and it always gives you the warm fuzzies.

Thats how anime is for me, I love some of the stories, how they develop the characters. Whether you rise or fall you always had a reason, and even if the reason was trivial it’s your reason, that you own and you run with. You’re reason is a deep held belief and isn’t easily put down, even if you are a trickster when your real reason is discovered it either endears people to you or else makes you their solid “bad guy” and you are never forgotten. Thing is I already know my favorite anime, and I have watched more than I have put up there my question is, what are yours?

So go ahead vote in the poll add in a few others, let’s see which anime reigns supreme


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