When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Early Arrival pt 2

While sneaking accusatory glances knowing her panties were still in his pocket she settled into her world as the center of attention. It was actually fun to see the ladies all together they seemed to both strengthen each other as well as provide a level of comfort not usually provided in mixed company. They did not completely forget him though there were some conversations a man just had no place in.

She thought she was being slick, eye fucking him knowing that he was on a leash  being the only guy in a room full of women; proud, strong and succesful women. Oh yes, she was untouchable now, but she let one of those wistful looks and sexy lip twists linger a little too long.  Xandra had caught her, she may not have known exactly what had happened before she arrived but the initially flustered and then calmed look on Bliss’s face when she opened the door now had her curious. He’s the “class flirt”, while shy at times Percy Davis was well-known for being charming and silver-tongued. Rumors abounded of what he would do with it but most saw him as all talk, he would flirt but he was too shy to act. Bliss catches his eye again with a smoldering look, while she didn’t go that way (or at least avoided any conversations heading down that road)  even Xandra was a little warmed by that look. He smirks but then surprisingly when Bliss turns her head back to the conversation, turns to look at Xandra his smirk becoming a devilish grin realizing he had an audience of sorts. A solitary finger to his lips he inclines his head back towards the ladies as if to say “ssssh, don’t interrupt” a little off-putting by the normally quiet and reserved Percy.

It was sight-seeing time, they filed down the hall to the elevator and Xandra swears she sees a light trace of PD’s fingers across B’s hip, the shy Bliss appears to jump. His smirk returning there was something odd about how she swatted his had away, as if something about the touch was more than it seemed. In his mind though Percy had it all figured out,

 pressing B back up against the elevator wall he attacked her neck erotic vampire not drawing blood, no he was igniting her passions. A hand full of ass he stepped into her, grinding slowly working his way down her cleavage the chocolate delights warm and succulent. Feasting on her large areolae and hershey kiss nipples his meal was sweeter knowing that her girls were there but oblivious to his ravenous mouth and tongue. Working his way down to her thighs and uncovered pussy he licked his lips ready to rejoin the feast interrupted by their ill timed knocking he leaned forward

*DING* they had hit their floor and Percy was brought out of his lecherous revelry, Xandra was looking at him hmm did she see the lust in his eyes he couldn’t stop himself from licking his lips as he walked out of the elevator doors.


2 responses

  1. I’m loving this. This is really hot. Please keep going.

    02/11/2012 at 6:39 AM

    • I’m glad you are enjoying it, I’ll try to keep it going. I just needed to take a break from this story for a minute

      02/12/2012 at 8:22 PM

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