When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

I should probably splain a little

Okay anybody who made it all the way through to what is the CURRENT end of Early Arrival part two is probably thinking “this can’t be the end, the other one had a reason to stop this one just seems like he quit”. Yeah see “what had happened was” I had an idea for an ending, a pretty decent ending, an ending that would have fit the action going on in the story and for lack of a better way to phrase it, I lost my map. I had that HUGE climax building up in my mind, a way to make that situation at the end really pop and I forgot how I wanted to get there.

Actually maybe forgot isn’t honest I just didn’t like any of the ways I got them there, all of them seemed silly, and contrived, hell it looked forced. I don’t know as i got to the end, started adding in the names, fleshing out how many characters were there and trying to put faces and mild back story onto the characters, I ran out of gas. Just sputtered out right there, plus I couldn’t get any feed back so after languishing in draft for ever I did something crazy I posted it so that now if I pick it back up I am forced to either fix what I did not finish or else start exactly where I left off, yeah no pressure what so ever. And somehow the possession of a laptop which used to have me blogging left and right isn’t helping me to post anymore(well to be fair I was being lazy the laptop was there to be used) than I was before I had it. Then again, I’m not gonna blame an inanimate object for my own mental laziness.(wow this is getting wordy for a quick post mmmph) but anyway please feel free to leave comments on either story, the feed back will help me to either flesh out the stories as written or else to have an idea on how to continue it, hell if I should continue it. Tell me what you like what you don’t like, what seems silly.

Of all the stories in my head these are the first two I have ever just typed out that aren’t based on personal experiences(okay well ONE of them isn’t partially based on an actual experience I had), and I never attempt to tell erotic stories, I am a visual person and I usually like to see not talk about what is gonna happen. Oh I can say what I want to do but that isn’t really story tell I really am planning to do that and I actually expect to have the opportunity to, those two stories are flights of fancy I doubt would ever happen.

And like I said with no feedback on them my mind pretty much ground to a halt so the first one was finished when it was posted but the second one, man I just threw that out there and said sink or swim. It seems a lot of people have looked at it over the past few days though so I thank you. For those who enjoyed thanks for reading for those who are like it’s drivel thanks for reading. You read enough of it to form an opinion, good or bad that is all I can ask for from you, now I just need to write either another story along those lines or else another story period


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