When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

An unexpected treat

You were laying naked in your bedroom while I was jerking off for you on Skype, licking your lips and really getting into it. Mmmmmm some days I really wish I could feel your soft lips wrapped around my dick, I don’t know when your room-mate walked in because I was using the tablet to give you a close view of my dick and balls I heard you moan really load so I looked up to find Talis sucking on your neck and squeezing your nipples. It looked like you really loved it because your eyes were rolling back I decided to switch to my laptop to get a better view once you re-accepted the call I watched Talis’s free hand descend and start stroking your pussy.

Mmmm she did it so slowly, giving you a chance to say no instead you just bit your lip and put your head back as she started to work her fingers between your legs, body relaxing, kind of floating down to the bed. Your head was still towards the camera as Talis started sucking on your breasts I was mad it would have been a perfect position to stick my dick in your mouth I could imagine myself sliding past your lips, feeling your tongue tickle the top vein, my dick twitched at the thought pre-cum oozing out.

I kept slowly stroking my dick I didn’t know if you could see anything but pleasure I was loving my view, she slowly worked her way down your stomach the scene was intense when she got between you legs. The camera sending images of your head back,  tits spread apart and her head between your thighs. She seemed to work you slowly licking your clit and sucking your lips like she was trying to get you to a slow boil, not wanting you to realize you should run. I saw her arm moving slowly I guess she was fingering you, the soft moans escaping your lips a testament to her skill.  Your tongue was hypnotic, tracing across your lips so lewdly, screaming for something to do while your pussy got all the attention. When you finally arched your back to cum, the only thing better than the “O” of your lips was the surprise in your eyes as Talis kept licking, and twirling her fingers. She let a loud slurp escape her mouth as she licked you from the bottom to the top and had you crying for mercy, she wasn’t letting up. You were her meal and she was going to devour every morsel, the center of your chocolate thighs sating her thirst.  Legs still weak from your first orgasm so you couldn’t push her away just yet, mmmmm the way you were biting your lip, how you screamed her name, I think it shocked her because she stopped and looked up into the camera.

Which was her only mistake…

I guess you didn’t like being the only one exposed for the camera because you slid down the bed and started sucking her nipples through her gown. Helping her stand up never removing your lips, she yelped I guess you bit her nipples but she didn’t stop you,  she liked it. Your devotion to her nipples, the way you traced your tongue around them wrapping it seductively, lightly pulling them with your lips, teasing them with your teeth. Pulling off her gown you pushed Talis’s boobs together and kept sucking her nipples loudly, flicking them, making them stand hard and proud. Talis was flushed, so hot I don’t know what she was trying to say because all the sounds coming out of her mouth were either purred or moaned. That wicked look in you eye, mmmm damn I came right there the vein on the bottom of my dick pulsing with your flicking  tongue.  You weren’t done so I continued stroking and enjoying the show, you made Talis lay on her stomach. She seemed surprised but didn’t resist you, I mentally pleaded for the camera to miraculously change positions, only seeing your face when you licked all the way up didn’t tell half the story.

You had Talis humping the bed,  you must have been tongue fucking her and sucking on her clit she was stuttering, while she was slow and deliberate on you, hunger seemed to engulf you. You sucked your fingers and began spreading her ass cheeks. First you seemed to tease her, only making a light circular motion with a few of your knuckles on her rectum. It was wild, she was vibrating, then her eyes flew open as you replaced the knuckles with your tongue, man she grabbed the sheets and bit the covers in front of her. She wasn’t ready, she was yours there was nothing she could do your tongue kept going in and out one hand squeezing her ass the other completely invisible to my eyes  probably just as busy on her clit or in her dripping sex. She collapsed, I see the drool escaping her mouth I guess that’s what you wanted because you bit her ass and slid up, licking your lips at me as I came again You kissed her cheek and laid across her, I guess whatever plans yall had would wait.

And all I can think is can I get a repeat performance of this show or possibly join in.

2 responses

  1. I love your approach here. Very steamy.

    04/10/2012 at 3:56 PM

  2. Thank you guys for the comments. It was an naughty dream I decided to turn into a story. It’s always nice to get feedback, come back anytime

    04/11/2012 at 2:00 AM

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