When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

I know I know WTF dude

As of late I have been out of the social loop so far, if it wasn’t on G+(and I have been doing some hiding on there lately too) I don’t seem to be around anymore. Shit happens, people get tired, people get exhausted, and regardless of some of my previous moments of extreme productivity I myself am a person. I won’t lie and say i’ll be back being as random and productive as I was before, but hey you did get an erotic story out of it.

I’m reading books again, reading ecomics and trying to go about not getting sucked into a dull boring ass existence. Shit ain easy though when you work all the time and barely find time to play anymore. For those who have been coming by reading thanks, leave a comment, a message, a complaint feedback drives me like any other creative person, you got something to say say it. I may not agree but it least it will give me an idea of what you do or don’t like past a random “Visited stat”

Til later, have a great day


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