When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

The Bet

His mouth was watering, taste buds at the ready and dreams of a three course meal were within his grasp until that chip shot went wide left. It wasn’t even his team, just a friendly bet since she was so new to following the sport. Decked out in full team paraphernalia her sexy pout turned into the worlds most joyous scream, after a little bit of well endowed and thus slightly dangerous hopping around(though NOBODY would be moving out-of-the-way of  those lovely breasts) she settled down, puckered up and blew him a kiss, “Be at my house by 11 o’clock Lex, and be prepared to work.” A sigh escaped his lungs as he could see his Saturday dinner evaporate, scattered in the wind around him so many betting slips with the latest “sure thing” that wasn’t printed in bold trampled under dejected foot steps. He was a man of his word, it was some good-natured ribbing that spawned the bet,  an attempt to see her topless she was sure and while a great thought would not have filled his stomach with her delectable cooking.   Long time friends, their schedules no longer synced up breaking their friendly tradition of home cooked meals at her place and dinner on the town with him. His ability to man an oven or stove not inedible he felt she was becoming too much of a home body and if nothing else taking her out for a pressure free evening was the least he could do, Cherise was so innocent and kind he wondered why she always had her evenings free.

Saturday dawned and after fixing himself an okay breakfast: eggs, bacon, and some toast without shells, slightly darker and crisper than perfect. His toast dry white just like he liked it, that was the only thing he had perfected still slightly soft and chewy on the inside, could hold the butter and crunchy on the outside. Lexer threw on his weekend house work gear a slightly ratty discolored t-shirt, some faded jeans, and a hooded sweatshirt. It was still cool in the late morning, but as he would be inside her place he wasn’t worried about the elements and could easily take the hoodie off if need be. He had no clue what she had in store so the loose clothing would allow him to handle most of the jobs that came to mind for his afternoon of slaving under her pretty watch. He arrived just before 11 and rang the bell, she showed up in sweats and a hoodie herself the outfit hanging loosely off her body making him think “yeah this is probably some furniture moving or assembly,” nothing insane but definitely less satisfying than his unrealized meal. He grabbed his tool kit out of the car, the basics a few screw drivers, some ratchets, multiple heads, and a cordless drill better to be prepared than spending most of the day running around looking for the right item. Any small job would be knocked out quickly and maybe she would take pity on him and cook him a meal anyway. Cheri lead him to the living room so he could put his tools down as they discussed the days plan.

“I just want you to help me rearrange my spare room,” Lex nodded “it’s nothing extravagant there’s really just clutter in there at the moment. I’m thinking of turning it into a mini office so if you could help me put my book-case and desk together it would be a great help.” So they went to the room and while there were some boxes stacked along the walls like she said it was pretty empty. She pulled a high-backed wooden chair to the center of the room, “just to get it out-of-the-way” and after moving the box containing the desk to its intended position he got to work. The desk was pretty simply a top shelf where either the monitor and/or speakers  could sit, a table top as a work area,  drawer for the keyboard and the mouse, and a space below and off to the side for a tower unit. The way the top shelf was situated there was a enough room for her flat “desktop” unit to slide underneath it while sitting on the table top and not eat up too much of her work area. It took a little over 45 minutes to put it all together and she brought him a cool drink, aaah she always did know how to keep the “muscle” happy. Next was the book shelf, and a bookshelf needs a sturdy wall to lean upon.  It was slightly taller than him so  looking around they wanted to make sure wherever it sat it wasn’t blocking any vents, switches, outlets or other modern conveniences the bet was for a day’s labor, not a day’s labor and constant future rearrangement. Catty corner to the desk on the right side seemed to be a perfect place but first a few boxes of old mementos would need to be removed that appeared to be just thrown in there over time. Birthday cards, old pictures from various grades, outings and events, one full of old books and programs slowly but surely the wall was beginning to take shape as well as a little surprise: haphazardly bolted into the wall was a metal grate. It’s old iron countenance a thick hexagonal chain-link pattern somewhat sturdy but not really useful it would be more functional under a window or in a front yard protecting petunias.  “Hey Reese you want me to take this down?” as she walks in the room to survey his discovery she scrunched her face in contemplation, “no leave it. It’s been here since I moved in and I don’t want to damage the walls or leave ugly holes that have to be covered later.”

Now that a space had been cleared along the wall he place the box for the bookshelf down, a little assistance was required while he connected the bottom and the two sides, she gladly obliged, bumping into him clumsily a few times but not a hindrance to getting done. Now that he had a base he carefully connected the top, it would be wobbly until the back panel was connected but not impossible to hold together by himself. Another few zzzts of his cordless drill and you could see the rectangle take shape. He grabbed the bottom back panel and used the tacks provided to “nail it in” making it a little sturdier and moved on to the top. The last set of tacks in he added the shelves in at her desired heights she was only about 5’5 so he didn’t put the top shelf too high, that way if she had some tall books she could put them up there while keeping the items she read frequently in the middle to bottoms rows. Grabbing a few of the boxes still laying to the other side of the wall he helped her add books to her in home library making sure to put her favorites low enough for her to reach easily and some of her bigger volumes on top, “Just don’t reach to high I would hate to find out you got a concussion. Make sure you get a chair or call for a hook and ladder” she stared daggers at him and playfully wiggled her tongue at another short joke he was always teasing her about her height. “Maybe I should just make you another bet on football as I seem to be on a lucky streak I could possibly have my own personal Librarian, nah not that box” he looked down at the cover of what looked like a manga some female character in a wild-looking black bustier with impossibly tall heels.


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