When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Thank you’s for my latest story

I’d like to thank Lilybear for giving me an alternate ending that at the time escaped my male brain and yet gave life to a new direction that shall be explored further whenever I continue the story. I would also thank Honey Graham and Almond Joy for constantly reading through the muck that becomes the stories you end up reading and giving me feed back and advice. Normally Amorelessliss helps out too(my favorite grammar maven because I’m sure many have noticed in some of my other blogs how horrible my grammar can be) but I don’t think I got her the link in time and I was already on quite a roll and while the first half took a while to form the second just flowed from my keys when I picked it back up.

For those coming by reading thank you, I may not see many comments but I see plenty of visitors. I hope you have enjoyed reading my forays into story writing, it isn’t always easy I can be fickle sometimes and I’m apt to either completely rewrite or else endlessly edit a story until it looks nothing like where it started. Which can be good and bad, I know I owe a part 3 to “Early Arrival”(no I haven’t even typed word one in that story. A few ideas but nothing yet on paper or blog) and I have started writing part 2 of “the bet”, I was just getting tired and didn’t want to type until I fell asleep only to wake up the next day and realize I typed 30 minutes too long and have to either scrap or edit a good half of the story because it is just incoherent words(and yes I have had to do that before, not here but on Blogspot a few times). As for “An unexpected treat”, I guess I could continue that one I’ll just have to consider how. Hmm maybe a 3some to be determined later, though something outside my comfort zone would probably be nice. Most of these stories stay within zones that I like, so why not try something that makes me sweat a little? Maybe give thought to a friends fantasy instead of my own. That might actually be fun.

Oh well rambling again keep on coming by I hope you enjoyed. Or if not maybe one of my future stories or posts will appeal to you


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