When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Goofing off as of late

I know it’s been well over a month since I last posted any worth while blogs. I have been busy with work and now just got a new tech toy. The Samsung Galaxy Note. I was thinking of trying to get the Samsung Galaxy s3 but since my personal phone is on T-mobile’s network and they are charging people an extra 80 bucks for the phone I think I’ll wait for the price drop. My contract isn’t up for a few more months anyway so why rush it?

As for “sequels” I am in the process of writing that would be ahem NONE, but a sequel to “The Bet” is sitting in draft, I guess I could get “Early Arrival” back on track of I would bounce some ideas of my notepad(granted that would require me NOT To be driving so much), and I do have a few ideas for unexpected treat but I don’t want to lazily write something just to get the characters in a similar position. I’m thinking maybe I want to use technology in a naughty way again just not sure which bit of technology or how I can keep up with the premise of the title.

I mean Early Arrival I just threw that title on there, it kind of made sense at the time and hey why not. Then I wrote part two and okay I started part two and then got lost on my way to the end. When it comes to sex though there are many ways to have an “unexpected treat”. There is also the issue of me not letting anybody “break their cherry” just yet, tongues and fingers have penetrated various orifices and somebody even got a blow job. Thing is nobody has just torn there clothes off, hopped into the bed and fucked. I need to rectify that somewhere. Hell finishing the first one was freeing, the sequel was agonizing, doing the third story was silly and the last one was a fantasy given a twist. I keep telling a friend of mine she needs to write and look who’s blog has cobwebs. yep.

Oh another note, does anybody have issues with spammers going to old posts and just leaving nonsensical ass comments? I mean just copy pastaing shit that has you scratching your head and wondering if you posts are invoking the path way to the little green men. It’s insanity, most of them are just trying to drive traffic to their knock off sites or weird dating sites. A few of them I might have even been inclined to post accept if you don’t have the time to actually read what you spam comment is going to be pasted on, why should I let someone risk a virus coming to you?

I mean yeah I’m sure people want cheap Michael Korrs, cheap Iphones and androids. They just don’t want their credit cards and identities stolen trying to get them. Aiight I fell asleep writing this “quick” post so posting see ya when I see ya


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