When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Unexpected Treat 2

We were at the movies, you were wearing this dress with a past the thigh split on it. I pulled your panties off and while you were blushing you let me do it through the whole show I kept playing with your good girl while I let your hand rest on my dick. I had your hips moving and your lips being bitten by the middle of the movie, you caught your breath when I bit your neck near the end.  So we go back to a hotel room I didn’t pay attention to the name because I kept sucking on your neck and squeezing your ass on the elevator when we got back to the room I pulled your dress up past your waist and pushed you back onto the bed you wore a sexy pout until I fell on my knees and starting sucking on your clit slowly, teasing  you,  a finger at the opening of your pussy, slowly swirling  around.

you had just started to moan when you gasped Talis’s name I guess you forgot yall were staying together. I look over smiled and went back to what I was doing I don’t know what her face looked like while the back of my head was turned to her but next thing I know her pants, skirt or whatever she was wearing was off and she was sitting next to you on the bed with her legs spread and tapped me on my head I guess she wanted her turn because she didn’t stop me when I moved between her legs and started licking.

I put a second finger in your pussy and started working them around since I already had you warmed up then started to press my thumb against your ass, I stuck my tongue into her pussy and she started cooing.  You must have boiled over because  you leaned over and started sucking on her ears and neck. You pulled her titties out of the top of she was wearing, and started sucking on her nipples she shuddered from the double team. She laid back and let you suck on her breasts while she ground her hips into my face I guess nipples trump sucking on her lower lips because she started moaning your name as she came in my face. I wet my finger inside her and then started playing with her ass, of course since she called your name I wanted revenge. I used my free hand to push your legs back and started sticking my tongue into your asshole you fell back paying more attention to me then her which is when Talis leaned over and started kissing you, playing with your breasts I love how your legs shake when you cum, you got all creamy. Moaning my name like you were afraid somebody would hear you scream it, now it was my turn I stood up and turned you around so I could fuck your face with your head laid back, Talis just sat there bored for a minute but then I guess she decided that she wanted to know why I didn’t stop when she walked in the room I almost came when you moaned around my dick, I guess Talis knows what she’s doing because you were starting to vibrate again I pulled out of your mouth because I didn’t want to cum yet.


2 responses

  1. Racy and sexy!

    02/09/2016 at 8:42 PM

    • Thank you very much, and thank you for helping me complete it. You know how bad I am with Homonyms

      02/09/2016 at 9:56 PM

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