When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Funky butt loving

Soooo we show up to get our Deadpool tickets, and the show we were planning on seeing was sold out. 7:40 deadpool, sold out cause we couldn’t preorder the damn tickets. Seriously like dude, we just want to see the fucking movies.

It appears, because Deadpool was going to potentially be so fucking awesome, that the responsible people

(who will in the future be referred to as Snitch Bitches), decided that for the parents they wouldn’t allow pre order sales more than a week out so that kids under 17 wouldn’t trick their parents into buying tickets.

Seriously, where is your sense of adventure. Where is your fondness for the right of passage that is sneaking out to see an R rated movie. What have we come too as a society, okay I’m just mad my Deadpool experience got delayed a couple of hours. I’ll be aiight though.

I hope everyone is having an awesome Friday, lick it before you stick it and don’t forget to swallow for all the lovers on this valentine’s day. And if they’ve been especially good, remember to eat the ass. They’ll thank or spank you for it


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