When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Hidey Ho

Don’t ask, I’m just having a day. It’s seems AT&T’s internet issues are spreading like a bad rash. Which is of course annoying the fuck out of me cause, dude, seriously, how do yall keep fucking up like it’s the new trend.

I see that Deadpool is destroying the box office, I may do a curse filled “What I want to see in the next Deadpool movie” blog on this side later. I have thought about it, but been kind of sleepy lately,…. Well sleepy and playing Fallout 4. I mean why lie, we are all adults here right. I ain got to lie to the folks coming to one of my blogs to see whats up with me, do I? I think I might need new glasses, my eyes are acting like an 80 year old man “loves the pretty girls, too tired to do anything with them.”

I am literally falling asleep at the keys here. Which is way to boring for 1:14 in the afternoon.I mean we all crash at work right, but this is ridiculous


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