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Primal on Beale


The title is a play on one of Beale’s famous BBQ restaurants the Pig, winds picking up, the afternoon is getting late and I’m out here after finding out that the problems down here AIN my fault, but are still on going. From my seat here not far from the corner I can see the FED EX Forum, the old Hard Rock(they flipped ends of the street), Dyers, Silky O’Sullivans, Wet Willies, and Alfred’s. Yes I am really on Beale I’ll take pics shortly to prove it. I ate a late breakfast so I’m not eating down here today, because two days of the Itis is not the move.

I’ll post pics of my 1/3 bourbon burger

later, not assembled that is just decadent. This is not the place to come if you are on a diet, the food is delicious, the drinks are plentiful, they have a place that sells fried pies(give me those weird looks if you want, when you’ve eaten five of them don’t tell me I didn’t warn you),

and once you start kicking back and enjoying yourself your calorie count for the week is out the door. In other words this place is awesome

Now some might be thinking by now, “is this a wordpress blog for real he hasn’t cursed yet?” yeah yeah, this blog reserves the OPTION to curse, it’s not an imperative. Anyway I’m at the house now, I didn’t hit the movies didn’t get here til after 7. I did have a slice of pizza and I will get the pictures in here soon. I did watch some basketball though, I swear watching the Grizzlies vs up and coming teams is always interesting. The Grizzlies get hit with some of the worst calls when there is a POTENTIAL future all star on a team. Let it be a flashy guy and somehow he gets Star Calls, but anyway it’s late let me post pics of Downtown and put this bad boy to bed.

This is the aforementioned Pig on Beale, good ribs, great burgers, and depending on what sign they have up at the2016-02-19 13.34.39 time a championship pedigree(they’ve won a few Memphis in May competitions). Like many restaurants on Beale street you catch them on the right night you will most likely see Live Music. If you walk all the way down to the end of the street you get to BB Kings.

This is Silk O’Sullivans at the corner and behind that is the Fedex Forum. It had been some years 2016-02-19 13.34.29 but I have been to a game at the forum, loved the atmosphere and the home team won so it was an awesome experience. I have never actually eaten at Silky’s but one day in the future. By the way if you are wondering yes I purposefully took these pictures at odd angles trying to avoid getting random people in the shots, yes I failed miserably, but I made the attempt. I actually had to take two of the last picture a truck rolled by right as I was snapping it.


2016-02-19 13.35.03This one goes in the blooper reel you see Dyers, Alfred’s is in front of that, and Handy park is on the other side. No I did not sit here and take a bunch of shots on Beale(not today anyway, I have done it in the past) I live here, so I can do it any day. I just took a few shots today as I was waiting for my ride. I also saved myself a few calories, I had a late breakfast and back to back BBQ days are NOT a good idea. Cause I will house a burger and fries with no shame, or a Philly steak, a Philly steak salad(I know I know, Cheese steak but that ain what they call it down here. And you have to be careful, cause if you ask for the wrong thing you might be disappointed.), Chicken Philly(Chicken Cheesesteak), and onion rings can be a weakness.

I ain talking bout nothing hope everyone has a great weekend

(updated on 2/22/16 to add a picture)


2016-02-22 10.54.15This is one of those fried pies I mentioned from Ms. Polly’s. They have a rotation as to what is offered when(and I always forget to grab the menu to see what day is what pie. So it’s always a surprise, I have now had their Peach and Pecan fried pies, next I want to catch cherry and chocolate day. I think the first time I saw cherry and chocolate on there.




2 responses

  1. I’m hungry. I want a fried pie. That sounds so yummy.

    02/22/2016 at 3:44 PM

    • Gotta be careful though, they rotate which pies are offered on what day

      02/22/2016 at 6:03 PM

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