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The first RECORDED official FTD of 2016

I know I have already had a few Fuck This Day’s in 2016, nothing is going right shit that is supposed to be easy turns around and bites me squarely on the under cheek of my ass. Not just the cheek but the under cheek, where you really got to dig when it starts itching. So, first stop of the day we are doing a house because his HDMI stopped working no big deal right, WRONG. We plug up the new HDMI extender and it doesn’t work. Now first off the TV is too tight against the wall so MAYBE that is why the previous extender didn’t work so we go downstairs to try it out there, *jeopardy wrong answer sound* nope still doesn’t work so maybe that means the HDMI port on the device doesn’t work anymore because we tested the cables.

Now at some point during lifting and replacing TV’s, removing shelves, changing and testing wires I took my leather coat off. I didn’t really notice because I had my cloth jacket on at the time too(just to have a hood to keep my ears warm), and I mainly took it off for ease of movement. I’m also supposed to be hooking up the internet, hit the WPS button, the Novo connects and here I am ready to get it done, buuuuuut while I am connected, and his internet is secured, there is no internet. Seriously no internet even though I am connected to the router. I run a few tests(that never work), I go through a few other steps and then I just go ahead and unplug it for a 30 count(yes even an IT tech really does unplug the device and do a full power cycle. You’d be surprised how often that shit works) give it a few seconds(longer than it should have taken which should have warned me what I was in for) and boom it connects. I make a few adjustments in the devices, send out the information, and let the customer and boss know what we ran in to as well as that we will have to return.

So we head out to Mississippi and get to the Flying J where I realize summa bitch did I forget my jacket? Ask YB(cause you know at 6’2 he is OUTRAGED when I call him little since you know I’m 5’10. It’s a sibling thing if you got one you understand) fuck it we gotta go back later/somebody else has to head back and check so I just let folks know and we head on out to Holly Springs. Aiight we get our marching orders and we start going about doing the doexcept of course it’s a Friday and we WANT this day to be quick and easy, BWAHHAHAHAHAHA I’m feeling like I’m in the middle of “Friday” cause we got wire no crimps, a coffee machine no power cord, a router no password(I figured out the password but it took a minute), two laborers no ladder. Damn WPS button on the router didn’t want to work. Like yo, who’s toes did I step on? Who did I bump into and make them spill their drink/aggravate that old sports injury/possibly even scuff their footwear? Aiight so after fighting to flip the modem over I type in the supposed network password(its long as shit) and it takes all day. So I cancel it and ask the manager for the password, nope that shit don’t work. Try the wps button again, then type in the original wifi password and THIS TIME after I waited a good 30 seconds it connected. Go in get ready to do the settings, and come to find out the device has to be connected BEFORE I can set it up.

Remember the wire no crimps part yeaaaah, straight fucked. So after digging through the truck and finding wires that were laughably short I had the manager go digging through their random storage though and finally got lucky, but everything else is still sucking dick. And of course this is a hotel so the manager has rounds to make, which means if we need him and he ain here we gotta wait(granted that is what is allowing me to type up this blog so sucks but doesn’t super suck). And remember that jacket I left, yup both of my wall chargers are in there not my “OMG what am I gonna do when I get home, I won’t be able to charge my phone at all” shit, just my “in case I’m out at a site not in the car I can keep my two phones from dieing” charges. Especially since both of my phones are having battery issues, battery issues that suck since:I just bought a new battery for the note 4 at the end of January. What happened, welp that bitch decided one day that 94% was just not enough charge to keep it from cutting off and boot looping (BIIIIIIIIITCH) unfortunately I didn’t have anyway to print off the tags at the time(until that is I got the laptop I am currently typing on). So I have to send it back before Sunday(yes I have been that damn busy). That’s my personal phone though, the bill I pay, my WORK PHONE (a Galaxy Note 3) so that people stop wasting my minutes(when I paid for the phone by minutes) was JUST FINE until a few weeks ago. Now it too can decide at any random moment that “I don’t care what you think you saw, as my charged percentage, but you need to PLUG ME IN BITCH(yes in the vein of the immortal Rick James)”

Speaking of “fuck you” moments my damn Baby(fuck his feelings) Brother just called trying to get in touch with our boss and thus inquiring about my current whereabouts. After I informed him, as well as suggested there might be a lube shortage, this fucker hung up while laughing, so yeah fuck his premature balding ass. A bag of baby dicks for lunch is all he is being offered from me for the rest of the day.

So I currently have both phones hooked up to my laptop doing the worst possible interpretation of a trickle charge ever(no seriously my work phone ain moved from 32% and I think my personal phone, the note 4, is dropping SLOWLY from 88%) and it is creeping up on 5 o’clock.


2 responses

  1. melodious mo

    I don’t know wtf is going on with the Notes, but it’s not am isolated nor random.

    03/06/2016 at 6:12 PM

    • yeah, I used to think it was just a T-mobile thing but since my work phone is AT&T it’s like holy shit. Granted the At&t battery took 2 years to fail. Almost like it felt it was trade in time and it was through booking

      03/07/2016 at 1:01 AM

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