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Dear DC, from your good friend Marvel

If you have seen the latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War you know that Marvel decided to go WWE Style, IE “Finally the Rock has come back to….” I won’t lie, I figured they would drop this shit either right before or right after Batman vs Superman came out. Did I expect some thunder stealing, of course it’s their biggest rival. It seems though, the last B v S trailer ruffled some feathers because Marvel gave us the Gallagher. We get an awesome trailer, we see Cap vs Crossbones, Black Panther vs Bucky(more than just the awesome ass drop kick), We get Antman riding an arrow to hit Iron Man, pandemonium, dogs and cats living together, it’s not only on like popcorn but its caramel popcorn. You see the graphic and then, the words are spoken “You know what, I’m out of patience….” back comes the video. Now let me stop for a second

Is this what we do now? An after the trailer scene? I mean they are already famous for the double after credits scenes, which after Avengers I am never leaving until the stage lights come up(or Damn you Deadpool, until they start walking us out the door) but now you just gone say “fuck DC, fuck their couch, love seat, ottoman, duvet, throw pillows, drapes and curtains” Because when the trailer comes back on

the iconic words we didn’t realize we were waiting for were spoken, with his hands cupped(awkwardly) in front of his face Tony Stark screams, “underoos” now to be fair this could be 90% of the Marvel heroes because save a few(Hulk, Thor, Iron man, War Machine, Blade, Colossus, Iceman, and the Human Torch II[technically the first Torch was an Android] off the top of my head) wear spandex but it ain 90% of the Marvel Heroes, oh no it is the reason why Marvel never truly went under, the guy who never spends more than 2 years off of your TV screen in animated form:Spider-man. Not just any Spider-man, Classic EYE MOVING Spidey, oh yes it’s true. The Spider-man my 41 year old ass grew up with. and not just that cocky ass, stole his shield and webbed Captain America’s hands up in the same move, landed like a boss, and held the shield like he owned it Spider-man. Seriously Deadpool called it the super hero landing, but that’s not exactly true. That’s Spider-man’s landing, you just can’t say it without getting sued. Go grab a panel when he swings or he lands, Crouched, arm extended, poppin shit, and his bubble gum cause that’s the way he does it.

Yes we wanted it, but to give it to us the way we really wanted it. That comic book fluff that true fans eat up, wish they could include in the movie but know they won’t. Like Bob from Deadpool, Bob is such an awesome Deadpool character but nobody thought he would be included(except Kitsune, bitch bet me he would be in there and he won. So Fuck Kitsune lucky guessing ass bastard). Not only that to include him in a way that you know it isn’t just fluff, not “hey we paid Sony all this money we should at least have a Spidey cameo to show for it” cause you have caps shield bro, not that Steve Rogers needs it to kick your ass just ask Batroc the Leaper from Winter Soldier. You can catch these hands son, this foot up your ass, and you better say “Thank you Sir.” Like the landing with the shield is now immediately an Iconic Spidey pose, of which I want the shirt like yesterday Merch dealers get on it, but it also means that Cap and Spidey have to face off over the shield. Not only that but it harkens back to a fight from the actual civil war comic panel, Captain America vs Spider-man toe to toe and Spider-man takes the shield he doesn’t really win the fight but it’s kind of a passing of the torch recognition moment.


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