When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya


Because I guess my netflix needs a break from my Daredevil binge

Apparently I’m having a binge problem, I got to season 2 episode 10 and I keep getting an error. Most likely everyone is currently on episode 10, we are all having head cannon explosions, and it has reached defcon “holy fucking shit did they really just go there.” That’s fine, I will take this time to go ahead and take a breath, gather new drinks, snacks and relieve myself.

Possibly brush my teeth, check on any neglected friends, and see if there are any tweet conversations that are caught up to my section of the show. I don’t do spoilers so if you ain watched it yet or ain got up to this point, I want you to get your full OMFG on. Anyway so that’s it that’s all, I would be more talkative but I forgot my damn laptop charger at a site and I can’t get it til tomorrow after 10 am. I also forgot that I used it SANS charger earlier so it’s steadily dieing on me, go team FUUUUUUCK.

I can fully admit though, this Marvel-Netflix partnership is the motherfucking shit, why didn’t they think of it sooner and I can’t wait for Luke Cage, Jessica Jones season 2, The Punisher, Moon Knight, and Iron Fist. Supposedly we are getting “The Defenders” as well but see all that other shit listed, yeah I want that first. If I can get some Hero for Hire up in this bitch too I am all for that, Loves me some Misty Knight. So I don’t know what else they have planned for this partnership but I hope they keep it coming, it has worked out beautifully so far


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