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Batman v Superman, What the fuck?

Understand, this is not my review of the movie, that comes tomorrow or Monday and will probably be on Blogger. This is my rant about the movie, because there are some things that really piss me off problem is I don’t do spoilers. Are there things I like about this movie, yes. I may not be fond as Gail Gadot as the ACTRESS who plays Wonder Woman(I think she should look more like a basketball player or an MMA fighter) but the way they wrote how she FIGHTS in this movie is spot on. Not so much reckless abandon but she is straight forward, not backing down and in your face. Ben Affleck nailed it as Batman, but then I am on record telling people that before the movie even came out. If you saw his Daredevil, you saw his Batman just fewer jokes. Henry Caville is still a little wooden to me as Superman and too fiesty as Clark Kent, but I can accept his “Man just trying to do what he thinks is best in the world” motivation.

I think part of my problem with this movie is that they lean too heavy on consequences. They want everything to have too much of a toll so that they forget exactly who we are talking about here. Marvel is real world gritty, DC is perfect paragon. Hell DC comics is x amount of Messiah stories all existing at the same time, huh what do I mean right? Every hero in DC has their own city, they are the savior in their city, and if there is a problem that is who everyone is looking for. Marvel everyone is in New York, you don’t know who might save you but you are pretty sure as long as you don’t go too far off the beaten path looking for trouble if Trouble finds you, an ass kicking ain far behind.

I also have an issue with so much of the movie trying not to own any of it’s decisions, exposition, or foreboding. Especially with WHO they had playing Ms. Cleo, um no, the fuck, do you not know what they are known for? As DC has been going darker with the costumes I won’t nit pick Wonder Woman’s or a certain Speedster because it at least fits in this universe, but some of the motivations seem scrambled, or lost. I was talking to Kitsune earlier and I likened it to a moment in Naruto called “The Valley of the End” it’s a fight between the protagonist and his rival, and in the fight the Rival finally acknowledges the protagonist. In the Anime it was Sasuke putting on his headband to fight Naruto, that was an acknowledgement of him “seeing Naruto, and respecting him as a worthy opponent.” And it was a scene that was built up to, there are plenty of parallels between Naruto and Sasuke: Both are orphans, one barely knew his family the other NEVER knew his family, nor did he know why everyone hated him. Sasuke knew his family, but initially didn’t know some of the underlying distrust that his family/clan suffered under.

And by putting their Big 3(Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman) in a movie together DC definitely put on their headband, unfortunately they don’t appear to have worked on their signature move. Batman v Superman WAS RUSHED, let’s not tiptoe around that shit. Marvel Studios has been printing money for the better part of 5 years now, hell you could probably go ahead and give them 7. 2 Iron Man movies, a Thor movie, a Captain America movie, and borrowing story elements from the second Hulk movie the Avengers launched onto the scene with great succcess. They took their time, worked up to the story they wanted to tell and told it, to thunderous applause. And it was probably a shock to DC/Warner Bros studios, because Marvel had been struggling to get on the big screen for 20 years. A sequel for all but the Hulk, Guardians of the Galaxy, Antman and then Age of Ultron and all the sudden Marvel has 2 billion worth of cash to back up that their Super Hero team is the best ever. That’s a lot of pressure there, then there is the fact that Man of Steel was okay but not spectacular.


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