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How to be slightly less of a dick, By Marvel Studios

As we all know, last week Marvel Studios dropped it’s latest Captain America Civil War trailer, you know the one with the webbed out spandex guy in it. And many folks wondered why, and then I went to see Batman v Superman last night and it was like, Holy Shit how could they let them set a bar this high before the movie even happens. And then I saw the movie and I realize, yeah this would have been so much worse if they had dropped the Spidey trailer before DC’s first foray into Team Building.

In all honesty I can say this now, Marvel Studios doesn’t mind taking  chances. In light of the world we live in, having a character named Black Panther in it, who is an African King, from a separatist nation(who in the comics has a long history of kicking lily white ass INCLUDING CAPTAIN FUCKING AMERICA. Okay well his DADDY whooped the good Captain, but still), in the middle of what is about to be an epic(and now global) Shitstorm is like oh shit. And it could fail, what if people decide that even though the black Panther is at LEAST my age if not slightly older that he is pandering to the Black Lives Matter movement? You knew going extra PC for no reason, that could turn some fans off. Then of course we have the whole: How many times are you gonna reboot Spider-man, we have seen this movie already thing. Which honestly FUCK YOU, I want to see Spider-man done right, not mostly right, not okay okay it was at least close but RIGHT.And yes I think that Amazing Spider-man was close to right not right. Tom Holland is actually the right age to be Peter Parker, he’s a Sophomore/Junior at age 15(unless he was born in November December then he MIGHT be a Freshman/Sophomore), probably wide-eyed, amazed at the world and OMG SUPER HEROES.

One of the issues had by all the movies at other studios is the fact that they all appear to be stand alone so that nobody can ever react to what just happened to so and so. I mean Deadpool just dealt with “X-men Bullshit” but that’s only one super team, what happens when you can talk about what happened in New York, or Florida, Sarkovia, California, New Mexico, England, and a whole bunch of other countries, cities, and states. Where you as a hero can look up to OTHER heroes. I mean are we about to get Chris Evans giving his Ultimates speech to not only Peter but MAY Parker about how Peter is too young for this super hero nonsense. That he is untrained, unprepared and it is too dangerous. Is Peter Parker about to get 5 minutes on the top floor of Stark tower where he can just drool over all the equipment that the R&D team gets to play with. Or do we get to see Peter and Tony have a total geek off, where Tony kind of looks disappointed because he sees himself in Peter minus the access to all the things that could have helped him progress much faster. Plus you know Peter Parker talking to Iron Man about suits, gauntlets, projectile efficiency, ocular enhancements, and a host of other technical garb that would leave Captain America’s head spinning. Not only that but Peter Parker can possibly show up at an Avengers training facility(well Spider-man but come on let’s not quibble you know who’s under the mask) to actually test out his current full capabilities. Yeah yeah, that sounds like two or three different cartoons running right now guess what I say to that, and you know it sounds awesome too don’t you.

We almost have the entire New Avengers crew on-screen together, all we need now are Luke Cage, Wolverine, The Sentry, Spider-woman, Warbird, and okay maybe we do need a lot to get to the full team. But you can see them trying, you can see that IF somehow they could coax Fox studios into entering into a similar engagement with them as Marvel has with Sony that it could be so awesome for everybody. “But you haven’t even seen the movie yet you don’t really know if it’s awesome,” you know what that is true. They have a decent track record behind them though, the lead up to Avengers, followed by the Avengers, The Aftermath of Avengers which leads to Dark World, Iron Man 3, and Winter Soldier, Age of Ultron where we see what happens when you get so scared of your demons that you shoot first, shoot second, shoot third, and then hope beyond hope that everything will be okay. Even though you shot blindly into a crowd, in the dark, with a silencer on the end of your gun.Marvel allows for their to be consequences, for the consequences to be weighty but they also allow for the heroes to grow, get up, and fight even though they might have been deceived in the beginning. Plus you know Thanos is out there and he is about to get more involved in the business of Terra(it’s what Earth is supposedly called off planet. What you saw Guardians of the Galaxy).

Now no this isn’t the exact story from the comics, it can’t be. First off no mutants(yet), so having a mutant explode in the middle of a Connecticut town is a little impossible, second Spider-man is a relative newbie(still), also no New Warriors so no anger at them doing a reality show that ends up costing thousands of lives. No Goliath YET, Thor is currently off planet not thought to be dead, Tony hasn’t seen fit to clone or Androidize Thor, there is no Reed Richards so we aren’t going to the Negative Zone, we also haven’t had anybody else pick up the shield besides Steve Rogers. There is no group of Bad Guys that are doing heroic deeds to lighten their sentence at the Raft, and speaking of The Raft is BRAND SPANKING NEW. It has yet to seem inadequate to hold Super Villains let alone super heroes. Thing is the story looks compelling, how much of this is the last dregs of Hydra using Caps best friend to continue to sew unrest in the world. How much of it is people in love with and frightened of this larger than life people who are constantly out to save our world.


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  1. Not sure I follow you there…Marvel most likely dropped the trailer because option B would have been dropping it when everyones mind is on BvS. They couldn’t drop it later because while the movie is released early may in the US, it is released in late april in a lot of European countries. Word is that the critic screenings will start around the 13 of april. Which means they had to do it at this specific moment (beforehand it might have taken attention away from Daredevil).

    03/28/2016 at 4:46 AM

    • Yes dropping it while everyone was annoyed as hell at BvS. And sorry but Daredevil would fall under TV and I don’t know if you have be following the current cold shoulders being thrown Marvel TV’s way by the movie side but I doubt they cared about deep sixing Daredevil. Plus it dropped the week Daredevil dropped (last week, March 18th) so that kind of contradicts you there.

      I said slightly less of a dick because if my first view of Tom Holland as Spidey was Saturday, then I would have been even more pissed at Batman v Superman. Unlike the 80’s and 90’s Marvel has the proven track record now, and since this isn’t the same universe as Nolan’s Batman DC can’t claim they are continuing a cohesive story (and if you actually saw Batman v Superman I think you know those two words were never a priority in this edit). So yes, Marvel did DC a favor by not completely awing the crowd the night DC’s big film dropped, maybe they will take more risks with suicide squad cause they played it way too safe with BvS

      03/29/2016 at 12:21 AM

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