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It’s beginning to look like an awesome year for super heroes

With Deadpool making over 700 million worldwide, and Batman v Superman already hitting 500 million world-wide(and hopefully it gets close enough to their magic number domestically, some say 900 million others 1 billion so that they stay on the Extended Universe path) The comic book adaptation/super hero movie seems to be doing quite well. And I am extremely fucking happy about it, super hero movies tend to be BIG. Like you are already asking me to believe that a science geek gets bit by a spider and gets super powers, or a scientist has a moment of altruism and is now a slave to his repressed rage, an alien will look just like us even though he’s from a galaxy far far away, will have super powers, and somehow won’t suck the lungs out of every woman he ever kisses, or never made holes in the roof when he had a “sexy moment.”

And it’s only going to get better, we have at least 3 more super hero movies dropping Captain America: Civil War, Suicide Squad, Doctor Strange and I don’t know what we count mutated ninja’s as but we also get a new Ninja Turtles movie. This could be a record-breaking year for Hollywood(which after Star Wars made like 900 million domestic and Age of Ultron made 600 million Hollywood probably sounds like an early 2000’s Vic Stone) and I am here for it. I have already watched two block busters this year(I may not be a huge fan of the movie but I do think BvS will make at least 600 million domestically), and I believe Civil War will be another one. Suicide Squad may be an even bigger stretch than Deadpool but being a DC comic may give it enough fans to push it into at least 200 million range(I believe Green Lantern made that much) which means DC might make more movies that don’t have Batman or Superman in them(though I wouldn’t mind a few side kick movies: Teen Titans, Young Justice and New Warriors as well as the Runaways from Marvel would be really cool). I like BIG movies,so something that encourages Hollywood to make more of those me likey.



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