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It’s been over a month, Deadpool has taken the world by storm and now it’s time to get into the details. First things first: the money how much did it make? Welp as of March 31, 2016 Deadpool has raked in a whopping $351 million dollars so far, second among super hero origin movies. There is another reason this is significant X-men Origins:Wolverine the first time we saw Ryan Reynolds play Wade Wilson perfectly, and then the studio fucked up Deadpool only made 179.9 million (there is some slight rounding there but still). Yes ladies and gents that is damn near double, but wait there’s more! The Wolverine, which is the sequel to X-men Origins then only pulled in 132.6 million domestically meaning that, yes it’s true, Deadpool has made more at the theaters in one outing than Wolverine did it two IE “Deadpool is the best there is at EVERYTHING Wolverine does” (yes I went there, it had to be done). As a matter of fact IF Deadpool can hold on for about 20 more million (I don’t know if it can, the theaters are about to get really crowded shortly) it can make back it’s operating budget and have made more than both of those movies combined(roughly 312.5 million). It was made for 58 million, so yeah 7 million more domestically to have made Fox 300 million bucks, is a kudos but to spank the movie that got his character so wrong GOLDEN.

Oops before I forget

This blog is going to be full of SPOILERS, that’s right SPOILER ALERT. It’s been a month either you have seen it, don’t care about spoilers, or aren’t going to see it so you don’t give a damn if there are spoilers or not.

Okay, the domestic numbers are nice, but does the WORLD love The POOL, 745 million bucks says ummm YES. And understand something, Deadpool was banned in China it made damn near 1 billion dollars without showing in one of the most populous countries in the world. That is saying something, a “niche character,” who is meta, is an anti-hero, bloody, certifiable, and has a habit of even annoying SPIDER-MAN(though they have an extreme bromance going) which ladies and gentleman the resident QUIP KING usually isn’t one to be bothered by talk, but Deadpool has the skills. As a matter of fact as far as X-movies go(X-men movies/X-universe movies) Deadpool is the top of the pops. That’s right he even did better than Days of Future Past, now no Deadpool hasn’t made more money than all the X-movies combined that would be insane(I mean now that it has really tapered down it would be insane) but individually yup 700+ million foreign and domestic is King Dingaling in the danger room. Speaking of the Danger Room you got some awesome X-men cameos as well as references to other X characters(yes lots of references to Wolverine).

There is a reason that a lot of people loved this movie, while it wasn’t page for page from the comics DUDE the shit it decided to massage was more around the balls than the prostate. You know usually when a movie CHANGES THINGS about a character because they are either going to cut that portion of the story short, or because they are going to slam X characters together to make an amalgam it’s invasive. But Weasel not Worm mentioning to Wade the odds on the Deadpool and how high he was on it, pfffft I can live with that. That the dead pool was at Sister Mary’s and not Weapon X I can get over too, mainly because they were planning to burned the Weapon X facilities down to the ground for a second time. Plus Stryker wasn’t there this time and they kind of melded Ajax in with the director of the Weapon X black site program. Which of course in some aspects is slightly invasive but since the Wolverine movie made it all about Stryker and his mean on for wolverine, the former security specialist with the three slashes to his face are a kind of non issue(plus Wolverine didn’t run out the front gate he jumped off a waterfall, HUH?). Not only that but every scene that Deadpool is in, turns to complete and total shit in a heart beat.


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