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I thought I was mad

So anyway, I just got back from Fort Worth, Texas. We had to go repair some cameras at a very nice hotel, got in Saturday morning about 2 am body finally crashed at like 5 or 6 am. So I’m in a slightly groggy state, letting youtube provide some background noise(I grew up in Jersey in a sub to urban type area my idea of quiet is 24 hour traffic within ear shot) I got deep in the weeds of somebodies channel and decided to back out and what do you know they have a bunch of Videos about how fans felt about Batman V Superman. Now the “official” spots you know the people who are either industry or like D level industry folks(BTS, Nerdists, shit like that)  are either OKAY with the movie or giving somewhat respectful dislikes about it. They admit to their being some confusion, try to keep their press passes but not calling it complete shit but you know they have some CONCERNS. So you know I am ready for this

And then, I get to like the REGULAR PEOPLE, not as in don’t have a lot of viewers I mean like people who probably started their youtube channels as fans and then built up decent followings, can I say something. I know what I said, shit to this day I stand by what I said, I was angry as fuck coming out of this movie, well I THOUGHT I was angry as fuck. Folks I wasn’t ready, I mean I saw the word rant, I figured yeah they mad like I was mad, no, no no I thought I was mad…. What you talking bout Primal?

Let’s start with Black nerd this is his spoilers review I mean he has some strong words, he kind of points out the same shit I was mad about, and since he got into the spoilers he really brought up the majority of my problems with this movie(the Bat assassin not being one of them). I mean he was a little harsher than me, so far but again THIS is the SPOILERS review but he is talking about all the shit that pissed me off. I swear Zack Snyder must love the fucking song Dream Weaver cause BRUH! Anyway, I digress so I watch his, he answers questions, and when he is done I’m like yeah Dre I feel you this is what I was talking about with my brothers when I came out the movie theater. And you know what happens when you let a video run to the end right, now youtube automatically cues up a few more videos so I saw one and I was like okay this one looks cool.

It was not cool, like have you ever seen that series of linked together vines of that Irish or Scottish guy that rants on traffic in Bloody England, that’s who this sounds like. And yeah talk about ripping Batman v Superman, I mean Geeky Glasses TV apparently does this for a lot of movies(I think he has one for Deadpool which I will find and watch later) the video here BITCH. No, I mean it I wish I had some popcorn for this one. This man is obviously anti lube. Like, Drake THINKS he goes zero to 100 nah bruh, Geeky goes zero to 100 (in about as much time as it takes to get from Metropolis to Gotham or Low Earth Orbit). I can’t tell if this man went to see BvS with friends and had a drinking game set up for every fail or if he bought into the hype and was just this angry on the strength of “what the fuck did you just charge me for?” I like everyone else heard about how much footage was cut from this movie, I personally felt that if your story was this convoluted you might as well have added it back. Geeky here appears to believe that 2 and a half hours of his life was irrevocably molested, as he brings it up prefaced by fucks on who knows how many occasions. If you live anywhere near him, give him a hug and a pint from Primal. I ain playing wow, just holy shit, and remember I used what the fuck in the title and I don’t think I ripped into it this hard? Did I, I mean I actually feel like I kind of endorsed the movie compared to this. I mean like I said you will be entertained you will just be mad that you would have been shorted a story for that entertainment. He ain even happy with being mildly entertained.

But wait, there’s more. Now, for those of you who don’t want to be triggered do not watch these next videos. This, this is a tortured soul right here. And it started out hilarious, I was actually fucking with Eikichi because I was like “Dude when did you get pink curtains” no seriously he is like a clone of my youngest brother so I was like okay, this will at least be fun to fuck with little brother about. This ain fun though, this, this is just wrong this is a broken man, this is someone who had their heart ripped out, stomped on, bitten, and then mailed to their mother with a confused crying emoji written on it in gold sharpie. This man had his childhood ruined, I am trying to warn you this is a two-part video and it will have you laughing and crying. This man pulls no punches because he feels that he was held down and beating for grandmas chocolate chip cookies okay enough stalling:

Jodys Corner as this is my curse filled blog I don’t think I should have to mention do not have children present, but DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN PRESENT. If I thought I wasn’t ready for Geeky Glasses, Jody straight gave me that Michael Corleone Zach Snyder you broke his heart. In part one, this man gives an impassioned plea about his obvious favorite character and I can respect that. I have a few different Spider-man/Spider-man villain shirts, a Black Spidey costume jacket, two Spidey Bobble Heads, a Spidey Wall Decal, a Spidey Mug and Both Amazing Spider-man cups I respect a man flying his merch for his favorite character. I just was not ready for this pain filled t
rip, I wasn’t he is obviously a DC fan boy but he ain drinking the Kool Aid. My hate for this movie is based on the fact that I think it is weak, so weak that it MIGHT turn Marvel into the Current WWE. The only game in town so they won’t try as hard but it ain my favorite character/characters on the screen, this man is sitting here in a Superman JACKET AND HAT. Do you know how much those muffukas cost? And I am with him the entire time, I agree with every last thing he said(remember I called for Snyder to be replaced that night).


2 responses

  1. The screenwriters, producers, and cast directors better hire some good security…lol

    04/16/2016 at 9:56 PM

    • Hey, it’s one of those instances where they hope their die hard fans are mad but just keep supporting them because otherwise they won’t get any OTHER movies. It’s kind of sad, they fear if they complain too much they won’t get a Wonder Woman movie, a Flash movie, a Cyborg movie, or an Aquaman movie.

      Green Lantern suffered for the same reason, they decided to throw an unnecessary bow on the end. Tried to wrap up too many things in one movie, instead prepping for a sequel.

      04/17/2016 at 9:58 PM

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