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Dammit Wizard’s of the Coast

I’m currently up doing laundry after returning from Texas the other day and as usual as I let the clothes cycle I tend to play a game or two. While in Fort Worth and after getting my Xbox one to work on their wifi I tried to play Magic the Gathering Duels, there was some big update, as they added more cards/started a new story line and I just wanted to log in and play. Now while I don’t mind playing other people from time to time I don’t know how long this game has been out and I RARELY pay cash to play a game, a few exceptions would be WARFRAME(cause it was worth it), I think I bought one of the downloads for CoD a few years back and I might buy seasons 2 and 3 of Killer Instinct, but just spending dough to hurry up and get new items is not usually my thing.

So while I have won a FEW multiplayer battles in magic duels I haven’t won many, my decks still need a lot of work but I digress so I usually play the solo matches. It allows me to test out my deck configurations, earn in-game currency to by cards with and build my skills back up. I used to actually play the physical magic game back in the 90’s in and fresh out of college, it was fun and this game gives me a little bit of that back, or at least it did before the update.I like most gamers don’t mind when you update shit, as long as you DON’T BREAK THE FUCKING GAME. Unfortunately Stainless Steel did just that, now if you look in the gaming hub area on Xbox(yes it is an xbox game) you will see players complaining because while they company is talking about “the in-game store is currently down” the players are like “Hello Mcfly you BROKE THE FUCKING GAME” seriously when a good half of your game isn’t working(because yes there is multiplayer but ahem you can’t always find a match), exactly why do you expect people to pay money for it? Seriously you log in, go to the battle section, choose solo, pick your deck, pick the difficulty level and wait…….and wait……and wait. I actually let it sit there trying to start the match for about an hour, now yes when I tried a match against a human yesterday after a few minutes it went off without a hitch but when I tried to find a match later on that night NADA. So yeah, you came out with an update and broke your game good job there sparky.

No Magic duels is not the only game I own thus I haven’t been completely bored but I did want to try out some of the new cards. Which since it isn’t always easy to find a one on one match, you need to be able to play against a computer opponent(a cheesy, rotten, cheating ass computer opponent but ahem yeah) but of course no dice. And now they aren’t the only game that has updated recently(Gems of War) just switched up their whole system of upgrades, card purchases, card development, and bonus set up. It still works, works well in fact. Nope, it’s just these jackasses who seem to forget that “oh all of our game needs to work not just the part where people can pay us money.” Like I said I went to the game hub section for Magic Duels and people are reading them the riot act. Those who have lost money because the in-game purchase method(micro transactions) stopped working, and then those like me who just want to play a few solo matches and get used to the new cards.It’s been at least 4 days now if you don’t want to lose players the words chop and chop come to mind.

Anyway, back to my laundry it’s getting late and I will have to work in the morning. I hope everyone had a great weekend, feel free to gripe about game, program, or app updates that caused something you enjoyed, used often, or needed to go off the fucking rails.


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