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Warzone Firefight Beta:Did you miss the end of Halo:reach

It’s obvious some of you did, it’s really damn obvious some of you did: you and a few buddies against the covenant hordes, good times right? Cause that’s exactly what this Beta is for the next Halo:Guardians expansion, you and up to 8 people against 5 waves of covenant, prometheans and whatever else they can throw at you. Now unlike reach it isn’t one and done, no no you have endless lives. Well Endless lives as long as you can get up within that 5 minutes a finish the rounds objective. Whether it’s killing all the grunts, crawlers, or soldiers in the first wave, to eliminating the Watchers, ghosts in the second, or jackals in the second round, third is usually something really annoying:Killing Knights, Phaetons, or Banshees and sometimes protecting the garage,  round 4 is the big brother of whatever you fought in round 3, and round 5 is all the warzone bosses, so if you fought covenant you have to wipe out all the covenant bosses, prometheans that’s right 3 count them 3 Warden Eternals.

Now it’s not relentless waves, you get about a 1 minute long intermission between each round to hit the req station before the shit hits the fan for the next round. Teamwork is a must because whatever isn’t your objective is coming to shoot you in the back to keep you from finishing the objective. The more you kill the faster your req level fills up and my recommendation save it til level 5, especially if you are making good time in the other rounds you may need to use it at round 4 but if you have a banshee or a tank sitting around everybody will love you, because you can just fire death from afar and clear the pathway. And when it is time to kill the hunters in the base nothing says Loving like a giant ball of plasma to the face, repeatedly, cause fuck those guys. Splash damage is your friend because they are damn sure gonna use it against you, so I say pound them like they owe you money, it’s payday and you have a hot date tonight. You earn experience and req points in Firefight beta so you can use it to pretty quickly fill up to buy that 80000 Mythic req pack. I say I earned about 28k in 5 fights we won 2 lost 3, and just like in regular Warzone the more kills you get the faster you get req points. Also any and all firefight kills count towards your commendations, so are you not getting shots on those hunters or grunts in Warzone, come to fire fight you will get plenty. The NPC’s drop guns, grenades, and can be jacked for vehicles if you are careful and quick. Weapons disappear pretty fast and of course you have 7 other team mates looking to upgrade for free too.

The matches are pretty free-flowing and as long as you work together you can get through them pretty easy but if too many people hot dog it, you could find yourself surrounded and trying to hold on til the final buzzer. You have access to all your reqs once you hit the right requisition level, so again as long as you can stay upright and keep your head on a swivel you should level up quickly. Just like in regular War zone, kill a big boss get a req boost and it might come in right on time, just remember just like reach if you aren’t paying attention crawlers, grunts and elites will eat you alive. And as with any fight some vehicles work better than others, in most of the 4th and 5th round matches, the Tank and the Wraith are life savers, splash damage is your friend always. If somebody is good with a Mantis fine, and a good wheelman is worth his weight in gold but if you ain good with them Scorpion or Wraith. Massive Damage, very forgiving if you can only get near the target and oh, did I mention these kills count towards your commendations? Need your grunt commendation? Use a wraith, jackal? Use a wraith, soldier? Wraith, Big Game Hunter that’s right Wraith that muffuka. Of course if it is the Warden Eternal Triplets, Wraith or Scorp them from a distance, nobody wants to be frozen and unable to fire. Thing is 5 minutes seems like a lot of time until you get down to that last boss and he is either delicately dancing through the plasma burst or else just not taking any damage at all.

Depending on how long you team last you appear to average anywhere from 2500-4000 req points per game, I mean if you get knocked out in the first two rounds you ain gonna get much but if you can get to round 4 or 5 the requisition points will quickly stack, and if think about it, as it at most will be about a 30 minute match(5 rounds, 5 minutes each plus about 5 minutes worth of intermission) if you and your team can wipe out quickly you could earn a good 5-8k req points an hour, and if you are really efficient you might even be able to bump that up to 12-16k. I mean if you can hurry up and get to req 4 or 5 and just keep your vehicles the whole time why can’t you just sail through once you get to round 3? My motto is if it moves shoot it, first round I say stick to the pistol, pick up a needler/suppressor/or Bolt pistol if you want to but for the most part with the range and damage it does your standard magnum will be your best friend. Round two I say if you can get to req 3 battle rifle, tha assault rifle is only good for shield stripping most times, the sooner you can get your hands on an enemy weapon the better. And if you happen to get a big boss weapon(especially the incineration canon) keep your distance and splash damage the hell out of everybody. Sometimes covering fire is better than having everybody chase down the objectives, plus you never want to waste you req level too early. This is for all intents and purposes a speed run, and if you don’t have the right weapon at the right time speed will kill you not them.

Since it is a Microsoft studios game the updates have all been free, which is nice. I mean season passes have their place, but only if you know the content is gonna be worth the money, shelling out 40 bucks before you even know what you are buying is not up my alley. I think the Beta ends Monday, so long on, keep firing, and watch out for the guy in the wraith, it might be me and friendly fire is for assholes.


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