When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Shit I forgot about Gears of War

First “Gears of War” is a Third person shooter, not a first person shooter. But I ain gonna create a whole new category cause how many TPS’s are there? Second two switch weapons its the D-pad not Y(or some other button) which would have helped me the first few matches when I was just stuck with whatever gun I put in first position. Third, to duck and run is the A button, not R3 or L3(basically depressing one of the thumb sticks) and fourth MAAAAAN was I rusty at this game. I mean my skill level picked up over the second and third days but day one, I think all my kills were luck.

Another thing ADS or Aiming Down Sights is only good if you have the long shot, everything else it gets bullets NEAR but not exact, and the shotgun you get a damage bonus if it’s aimed from the hip. I mean it’s damn near a one shot kill. Which since every other FPS you play hipfire is nice but a well aimed headshot beats all, it was a bit of a learning curve. How did I do, before the beta closed I Think I got to level six or seven, I had a couple matches of 5 or more kills. (I did have other games to play so it was fun but not my priority) I will say it was an easier pick up than the Doom Demo, the Doom demo made me feel like all weapons will suck. They give you that awesome trailer and vs other humans the weapons were like blah. Then again, I am not a big Doom player(in the modern era, everybody played the old version with the big flying blobs) I could be basing my dislike on the fact that I want it to be Halo or CoD(maybe even Battlefield).

It was a fun Beta, I may pick up the game might not. I’ll have to watch on twitch and see how I’m feeling on launch day


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