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Just finished the review for Civil War

Summer Movie season has really be kicked off with a bang. I COULD have done a reaction blog Friday night, but as it was super positive and not as angry as the BvS reaction I decided to forgo it. I loved the movie, it was everything I wanted it to be and more. The review will post in the morning over on Primal’s Ponderings. I mean with as hamstrung as Disney Marvel is with the fucked up situation their properties are in due to the bankruptcy in the late 80’s early 90’s that they could pull of a story this in-depth with the visuals on this level. Like No spoilers, but EVERYBODY did the damn thing. Spider-man whooped ass, Ant-man whooped ass, Black Panther whooped ass. Yes Tony and Steve fought and it was believable. Like why are these two friends fighting, like seriously come on now a piece of paper? Not Money, not Steve banged Pepper(or if we gone with the ‘ships Steve banged Tony and didn’t call him afterwards), not Tony found Peggy and decided to “enhance her bed” to the tune of causing some type of damage. Oh wait, that’s why they fighting, fuck, like oh shit, ummm yeah this is really about to happen.

And the after credit scenes, whew yes, yes, yes you gave me exactly what I wanted. Especially on the Mid one, I mean they didn’t show a lot but they showed the important shit. And the After credit scene was just a full on geek moment, yes I am old enough that it means something to me, so if you ain FUCK YOU, I loved it. Was that mean…. well go read some old comic books or watch some of the older cartoons that shit is golden I tell you. Civil War was an invitation to the buffet line, with a free coupon, AND extra to go boxes. When it was over I was full but I didn’t feel overstuffed or guilty, like to hell with an embarrassment of riches they were on some Dave Chappelle “I’m Rich BIIIIITCH” shit in this movie. “We ain embarrassed, we know you want this and we gone give it all to you” I’m talking some Rappers Delight “nah mama that bull” when they try to load your plate except the chicken ain wood it’s Cordon Bleu, with sweet potato medallions, buttery mashed potatoes, and Hawaiian rolls. You are about to pig out on this movie and you want to feel bad about it, but you bought your ticket, found your seat, and have your concessions, fuck feeling bad.

Now yes they didn’t get into the entirety of Spider-man’s origin story, but then again we are kind of tired of it. At least the Peter Parker origin story. If they want to do Silk, Spider-woman, Spider-Gwen, or Miles Morales we may want to pay attention again. And they fudged a little of the Black Panther Mythos, I mean they HINTED at the rest of it but I will give them a pass on it as long as they clean it up in the movie. By “the movie” I mean the Black Panther’s stand alone movie, I know Spider-man homecoming is due out either in 2017 or 2018 and Black Panther is either 2018 or 2019 but I think both of them are going to be worth it. The actors portraying those two iconic roles were phenomenal and Tom Holland as the TEENAGE Peter Parker, I don’t mean senior I mean sophomore in high school Peter Parker. He’s smart but still Awkward like life ain even really begun for him yet and here he is with this awesome power. Chadwhick Boseman had you believing he was raised in a separatist nation that looked down at the rest of the world. As if even having to rely on foreign powers was DIRTY and uncivilized.

It has been mentioned that this is probably going to be the worst No Win situation ever for Marvel, now that we have seen him on the big screen if Wakanda isn’t everything we want it to be folks are going to be mad. Wakanda is an extremely advanced nation, probably not too far behind Asgard, an African nation that has NEVER been conquered and was allowed to advance without interference or redirection from foreign powers. They have a Warrior King, who is tied to the Goddess Bast, he is part Mystic, part genius, part warrior, and ALL KING. I mean the Wakandans that you see in the movie give you hope which of course can also give you despair. I have my fingers crossed but I will keep my eye out for more easter eggs when I go back to see it, Possibly next Sunday.


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