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Games I’ve Played P.T.

I don’t know if you have been in the CURRENT Gen of gaming recently but in this gen there is a legend, the legend of the newest iteration of a game trailer ever P.T. Now if you have been on youtube you may realize that this stands for Psychological Torture, Physical Terror, or Pathological Thriller okay okay, fine it means Playable Teaser but only if you are completely psychotic. Now I’m not kidding, if you go on youtube and watch DIFFERENT PEOPLE, I would twitch this thing but I made it through about 20 minutes and realized I never really liked this shit anyway. When I say that this game fucks with you, let me just say it was Programmed by Hideo Kojima and written by Guillermo Del Toro yeah, those two crazy assholes. I swear a good part of this game was testing to see how many jump scares they could make you force onto yourself BEFORE they actually hit you with one.

I would love to say “the most fucked up part of PT is…” but there is no MOST fucked up part, the entire thing is the most fucked up part. P.T. is like when a friend or sibling tells you to taste something without telling you if it’s: Good, nasty, gonna knock you on your ass, or send you to the hospital. I see some of yall who NEVER heard of it(it was yanked of the playstation store so you can’t even get it anymore) shaking your heads like he’s exaggerating which is why I am going to show you OTHER people playing it and leave my commentary. There should be a P.T. drinking game, you have to make as many passes as drinks you spill watching somebody else play it, with the lights off. Like you can play P.T. for hours until you get to the end(which I will try and find a relatively QUICK play through that gets to the end but I’m also gonna show you the brave souls who kept fucking up thus walked through this shit for hours).

Granted I must love you guys cause I’m gonna rewatch these bitches. I remember laughing at people who were like “I don’t like horror games but somebody said I had to play P.T.”  I guarantee you the second they got done they found that person and punched them in the sack or tit.  Cause you don’t HAVE to play P.T. you wanna see how fucked up it is watch somebody else play it, so first up

Hey remember when I said play a P.T. drinking game well THESE GUYS actually did, and when I tell you it is hilarious, seriously I hope they all saw their doctors the next day because they went full shaggy and scooby. P.T is an infinite loop if you don’t find the correct clues. Which since nobody tells you WHAT to look for you can spend a lot of time doing(probably why I spent 20 minutes not even realizing I was looking for picture pieces(nor did I care, I just wanted to see what the next thing was). Jesse Cox and crew(that’s who’s channel this is) have 3 play throughs watch at your own risk, but if you do enjoy laughing at their terrified pain.

Up next we have Pewdiepie now THIS playthrough will teach you a new way to curse. Pewdie has his video showing so his entire gangsta gets fucked by this game, like 4 times. I guess if you suffer through the loop enough times it lets you out even if you DON’T get all the clues(I have seen hour long plus play throughs people, this game gives no fucks). I was gonna say he got one of the worst jump scares but unless he edited it later to REMOVE the part where he pissed himself he missed my favorite one. He does however show you JUST how fucked up the combo of Kojima and Del Toro was, cause they got him a few times. And as far as “Next Gen” graphics are concerned WHEW. The only thing they COULD be dinged for is maybe they didn’t believe anyone would walk through the liquid. Cause I damn sure didn’t I was like NOPE, but then he probably had one of those “whats the worst thing that can happen” moments.

MassiveG here decided to do one of those hour long play throughs trying to find all the goodies on Halloween no less(yeah, he had no respect for his cardiologist.) The thing about P.T.(the Playable Teaser) is that it makes good use of lighting, fucks with your visuals to SOMETIMES make you think the game is breaking(which since Kojima’s name doesn’t pop up at first your mind doesn’t jump back to Metal Gear Solid), causes sound to pop out from some great places AND is one of those “one of these things is not like the other” puzzles. Yup, everytime you gotta figure out what ya missed. Now like me Massive here played it when it first came out, he completed it I personally respected my sanity and said “you know what fuck this game, I’ll watch OTHER peoples mental torture on youtube.” To make matters worse this is a live Stream for Massive thus he is being egged on, by people NOT on camera, probably closing their eyes or ONLY focusing on him. “I ain think I was gonna be this scared” bwahahahaha Kojima laughs at your pain.


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