When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Bathesda at E3

SOOOO as I am watching, Bathesda just said fuck everybody else’s showcase here’s what we got for you: Quake Champions, yes we said Quake muffuka. That game we gave you all those years ago, that we have a huge conference for every year yup we bringing it back. Also that Elder Scrolls card game we showed you last year, yup it’s coming out later on this year. Fallout 4, you like fallout bitch we gone fall out you to death. I mean it seems some of you little bitches found out our little nukaworld secret, but what you didn’t find was that we were gone let yall build your own fucking vaults, yup that’s right we gone give you real vault tec. By the way, remember fallout shelter that game we released for mobile last year yup we gone update that to.

And let me not forget, yall keep bugging us about a Skyrim HD, well you get your wish where my money hoe? Remember that Prey game? Yall been mad at us that we canceled Prey 2, well fuck it we are re-releasing prey for the next generation. Again, where my money hoe I ain seen them pre orders yet, oh wait yall still in shock it’s only been like 20 minutes bitch where them dollars at. By the way You get Doom DLC too, you paid up yet? And if you play Elder Scrolls we giving you more content as well, Dark Brotherhood DLC wait am I be showered in change? I said money, not change. Content barriers, we don’t need no stinking content barriers, go where ya want(and die), play with who you want(and be betrayed), and have all the fun(or pain) that you want.

Before we leave, we ain gonna wait til Microsoft or Sony, we gone release our OWN VR. So yeah VR doom, and VR Fallout 4, yes we said VR fallout 4 to hell with Survival mode we gone give you IN YOUR FACE MODE. Now let us leave you with a game engine look at Dishonored 2. I ain gonna lie, dishonored 2 looks pretty, as close to photo real as anything this generation. So I know during EA’s hour they were talking about “I think we won” nope, if I am looking at it honestly Bathesda just kicked their ass. So Day -1 was a hit, cause I know I wasn’t sure what Bathesda was going to do but what they DID do was decide that water was supposed to be blown away completely.


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