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So Microsoft says take your fear and shove it

Microsoft’s E3 can be summed up as such: that Xbox Everywhere thing we mentioned, we meant that shit. Xbox slim, yup it’s real and we gone open the show with it. And in Closing, Xbox Scorpio yup that bitch is real too. Oh, you thought we were scared to admit we didn’t put out a strong enough system this time, nope tell Sony take this with their 4.5 teraflops we going for 6. And we saw which conference you liked yesterday between EA and Bathesda, you want to see gameplay, we got your gameplay. Of the games I saw

Forza Horizon 3, don’t care. I love Forza Motorsports 6, but I didn’t like the horizon demo so no for me on horizon. Here’s the gameplay though just in case you are interested in it

Gears of War 4, looks awesome, I may step back in.

Recore, looks like fun I don’t know if you will be able to carry more than one buddy around with you or if it’s one buddy, one core, and you have to just keep moving it from one beasty to the next.

Halo Wars 2 looks interesting, I like RTS games sometimes but will I like a Halo RTS not really sure. And as soon as I get home I’m going to download the beta(using the tablet to watch E3 so yeah can’t do it from the tablet)

Gwent, Ghent, whatever the Witcher III card game is. I mean I already play magic so I may give it a look just like the Elder Scrolls legends game

State of Decay 2, I didn’t play the first State of Decay Zombie game manly because I suck at Zombie games one of these days I will twitch myself playing black ops Zombies so you can see just how bad I am at it.

Dead Rising 4 was also shown on the stage

Of course as I stated earlier Microsoft announced the Xbox one S(basically Xbox one Slim) and at the end they announced Xbox Project Scorpio which is the hulking new Xbox the slim is 299 in line with any of your current Xbox one purchases, I think the Scorpio will most likely be 399-449 just because of the power boost. But if they price it under 360 I won’t complain and depending on what I see on the Scorpio I may buy a new System. It’s schedule for Holiday 2017(so basically Christmas 2017 so I have plenty of months to look into it and decide if I want to blow a check). I expect it to be equal to what Sony does, now while SOME Occulus games were announced and Bathesda was there talking about adding Fallout 4 to Xbox VR, during THEIR event the only mentioned the HTC Vive they possibly haven’t gotten their new Dev Kits yet.

Now since I saw most of what I expected on the stage, I mean we didn’t get a full Picture of the Scorpio but we saw the board, we saw a shadow of the case, and heard all about the specs (which were RIGHT in line with all the rumors, so yeah somebody gets a few beers tonight. Oh and One twitch dude, Alex I think, is out like 50 bucks from betting that a New Microsoft console would not be announced or talked about) but we heard about it, we saw lots of gameplay, and we saw Phil Spencer standing in front of the world happy and proud even though his detractors ream him every time(Stone Fox Media calls him Phil McCracken). I’ll make sure to include as many trailers as I can find as well as a few reaction videos. I didn’t see as much VR actual from Microsoft as I expected but I will admit that the Xbox live announcements, as well as their push for crossplay basically putting the ball in Sony’s court. Microsoft is allowing Crossplay across Xbox live, Windows 10, Android, IOS, and supposedly Mac which means Sony(and if the NX is real Nintendo) need to step up to the deck and swing. I am loving this E3 so far, I caught MOST of Ubisoft’s but I will go back and rewatch it because what I did see looked kind of awesome so I want to see what I missed. It seems like everyone is focused on Indie games as well now, like they want to find the NEXT small developer that will allow them to corner a niche part of the market or reinvigorate a market that they are already in.

Microsoft pretty much met expectations, showed a lot of great gameplay and gave me hope that the console wars are just getting started. Which is a good thing if one or the other is too far down then things get stagnant, that they are attempting to leap frog Sony when it comes to GPU power means that Sony is going to either have to reconfigure the 4k or else they are going to have to make sure that developers hit EVERY MARK, either way we the gamers win.

Oh and if you are wondering yes I go back and find all the trailers and stuff for you, because I am a nice and loveable guy like that. Didn’t catch E3 this morning or know about it last night, I got you.

I almost forgot to show you Tekken 7 and yes, that IS who you THINK IT IS. SO remember all those arguments yall had back in the day about who was the bigger bad ass, BITCH NOW YOU CAN FIND THE FUCK OUT.


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