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Sony at E3, Is your throat ready for VR

If Bathesda and Microsoft were all about Gameplay videos Sony was staking it’s claim on the VR Gameplay experience. Most of the games shown looked cool(I decided to Live Tweet Sony’s E3 since I was finally not working), looks like somebody is showing VR Psychonauts right now(my twitch keeps freezing, probably WAAAY too many people on the stream) and while it looked cool I never played Pyschonauts on any platform. But yeah Sony spent at LEAST 20 minutes on VR games, which was surprising since they didn’t mention the RUMORED(again if you don’t show it, it falls back to the rumor mill) PS 4k Neo and I’m not sure if the Current PS4 can handle full VR as it stands. But to the VR games since they seemed to be the heart of Sony’s E3 experience:

First up Resident Evil VII(They have the name in a cool way where the VII_ in Evil were red, that last I being the top half of the L of course to make it a Roman Numeral 7) the VR experience was interesting as you followed the players eyes and flashlight in a sweeping motion. I mean, I am sure there are some brave souls who will try it but I doubt Survival Horror will be that spot that VR sticks. I can see too many heart attacks and nightmares, even if you block out the sides you still know the rest of your room is around you, but in a full immersion setting I don’t know if you would trust a person who wasn’t bother by it. Seriously a zombie jumping on your actual nose and you are just sitting there like “Bummer, gotta start this round again…” Shiiiit that would be a 400 dollar not quite boomerang. Seriously, go watch people play PT and tell me how you expect folks to take 8+ hours of that shit and not be screaming their lungs out.

Farpoint it almost looked like Space Fallout, or even Space Skyrim it definitely had some awesome visuals as you were looking over the gun, doing scans, and watching your mission mates crashing in flames. The alien terrain looked damn near like Tattoine, sparse desert, crumbled buildings, some weird-looking aliens, and a cool looking weapon. So I don’t know if I am going to play it, but I must say it may turn out to be one of the worlds most awesome Proof of Concept game for VR.

Star Wars Battlefront X-wing VR  mission. Now if ANYTHING might make me plunk down 400 bucks for VR THIS would be that game. Dude an actual full immersion X-wing experience. I wear glasses, so that will probably be an issue I am not contact averse though. SO seriously I am a HUGE Star Wars fan and yes I would be WILLING to give it all up to mentally feel like I am flying an X-wing, motion sickness and all. I know it was a quick look, but tell me this doesn’t have you reaching for your wallet

Batman Arkham VR So yeah, Rocksteady, Mark Hamill and a WHOLE BUNCH OF FOLKS lied about being done with Batman games, but if you gone lie THIS is the lie you tell. This was one of the few that didn’t have gameplay but Mark Hamill’s voice and a Batman mask definitely whet your whistle. Not 400 bucks worth YET but I can see people being chomping at the bit.

Final Fantasy XV VR this one MEH. No seriously playing as a side character just to do some somewhat glitchy inaccurate shooting. Cool in concept buuuut NO. If I want to VR Final Fantasy give me the Giant Sword wielding main character, or Barret. By glitchy I don’t mean the gameplay was glitchy I mean the way he was shooting and missing half the shots. I really didn’t care for his part, yes he was doing a little something something but he kept missing and everyone else was doing their thing. It’s probably going to be a niche thing in a RPG, or it may be just that FF XV is mostly done and that was the easiest character to throw the VR on. But hey judge for yourself.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare I am really not sure if this is VR or not, I heard in one of the Aftershows them say that this was VR so I’m gonna put it in the VR section. This game really wowed me, I didn’t know what it was but this reminded me of the first time I saw Halo Combat evolved. I mean it’s kind of hilarious because the guy in the “gameplay video” is ALSO a space marine. The way they worked their way that ship, there was great team work(which is probably ONLY in this build, cause everyone knows that IN GAME NPC’s suck as team mates).


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